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Bloggers Congress 2

Yes, it’s back! Learn from Manila’s top bloggers! Email your names to Kat Lorenzo ( to be able to enter. THIS IS FREE FOR ALL.

You may RSVP here also. Registration starts 11:30.

So you wanna cook, eh?

DSC_0402Demo kitchen




DSC_0418This lamb steak is to die for!





DSC_0429Chef Joey Herrera of LOOP

DSC_0433Cream puffs, I love!!!



Some photos from the ICF@FEU cooking demo. I wanna take home that lamb shank and that spanking (relatively) new FEU campus is looking dope! Visit their website to know more of their course offerings. I personally want to take their culinary short courses just to satisfy my inner gourmet.

Titus Andronicus Roundup

The dark story of betrayal, deceit, and revenge; the retelling of Shakespeare’s most violent piece, Titus Andronicus, brought awe and astonishment – both by the piece and its modern storytellers. Kudos to the production team, especially to the graduating class of AB Technical Theatre and AB Production Design, along with the cast, their director George de Jesus III, and the faculty of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde for coming up with such a powerful production. Truly, theatre is not dead. Art is not dead. And whoever feeds his actors skyflakes – is dead (that just came out naturally.) Now, do let these photos tell the story for you. Or read the full story here.



DSC_0759Emperor, dead. Who should inherit the empire? Let the council decide.


This is a story of the unending cycle of revenge and suffering.

DSC_0762Titus returns from war, disembowels enemy’s first prince to appease the gods of Olympus.

DSC_0764Queen of Goths, full of despair over her disemboweled firstborn


DSC_0769Temporary peace.


DSC_0777Lusting over Lavinia, two brothers tried to kill each other while a demon devises an evil scheme.


DSC_0780Who should get Lavinia? Why not share, said Aaron. 

DSC_0785Hunting: while the royal family hunts deer, the Goth brothers hunt for a virgin.

DSC_0786Queen’s betrayal

DSC_0788And share the brothers did. The rape of Lavinia is the darkest story I’ve ever heard.

DSC_0793Shameless rape and dismemberment: Demetrius and Chiron cuts Lavinia’s tongue and hands. 

DSC_0796Begging for his sons’ salvation from the hands of the emperor



DSC_0803Concocting revenge: Titus pretends to be crazy.

DSC_0804Lavinia, writing on sand using her lips and a knife, reveals the cry of her heart and lacerated vagina.

DSC_0809Aaron shows his soft spot for his and the queen’s son.




DSC_0827Relentless attempt of deceit, but nevertheless a failure.

DSC_0828Final bout

DSC_0832Revenge at last. 

DSC_0838Derrick Gozos as Lucius

DSC_0841John Joshua Deocareza as Aaron. He’s my favorite actor in the set. Such mad acting skills

DSC_0845Michael Esteves *blush, haha* as Bassianus


DSC_0847Joel Sarcho as Titus

DSC_0852Director George de Jesus III


Marion Kitazawa, Action Star. Panalo lang sa tindig, teh!


Anyway, thanks to production manager Marion for partnering with this blog. And let’s congratulate him for his upcoming graduation!

DSC_0856The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life. – Oscar Wilde


Congrats y’all!

Overheard at Ateneo: Konyo and Proud

By Miguel Antonio N. Lizada, Photos by Arvin Lim

So, there we were again.

Our kapitbahay once more were our kalaban for just one afternoon. Pero you know, you can see naman that there’s respeto. Like halimbawa, except for that unsportsmanlike foul done by that UP player on Nico Salva, the players were so magalang to each other. They were helping each other up whenever they would get accidentally knocked down. That’s so mabait of them. Right? People on both sides were also cheering the UP Pep Squad as they made their very interesting and unique half time performance. Friends tayo, diba?

The game was quite exciting sa simula. There were times na they were catching up on us which for me was quite good for the UP team. I mean diba kahit paano, we should be happy for them that they’re somewhat getting their act together. Diba?  So anyway, once Norman Black sent in the big guns, things became more and more favorable for us. I started relaxing. I was able to eat my sandwich and make inom my iced tea with comfort and ease.

And about the fans. There were a couple of neat banners that were being waved by the fans. One read: “We believe in Kirk Long’s Power.” Ikaw na, Kirk. Ikaw na ang may Power. And I’m sure the power comes from your new haircut. Sa head.

But aside from that, we were quite konti, ha? I mean compared to big games. The Upper B seats were not filled. But the good thing about it was, the Blue Babble Battalion members had more chikka time with the gallery. Leaders, cheerdancers and lifters were seen not just in the Upper boxes but they even made baba to the Lower Box and Patron seats to encourage the more mayaman and sikat fans to cheer for the team. Fans were still cheering all the way pa rin naman. May mga Blue Babble members na nagwawala pa rin even though ang laki na ng lead.

And speaking of Babble cheerleaders na nagwawala, there was this particular cheerleader who was so into the tense mood of the half-time show that when he finished the Blue Eagle Spelling routine (by jumping), natanggalan siya ng sapatos. So yun, after bowing to the cheering gallery, he was making his angas power walk, his right arm cheering “Go Ateneo” with the crowd and his left hand holding his shoe. That’s passion. That’s giving it your all. The spirit of St. Ignatius is with you, hijo! Happy Feast Day!

This Thursday, we do battle with the University of Santo Tomas. I think I want to make a banner “Pass the Reproductive Health Bill.” For now, I will conclude this write-up on this convincing victory by saying “Konyo and Proud.”


Made me roll over in laughter. Don’t know actually if this is any different from that blog I read one day that gave me one heck of a migraine (read: wrong grammar, wrong punctuation, off topics, and on top of all that – a self-aggrandizing sidebar!) Well this one’s better, haha.

I think this one’s for the good laughs! A little hinay-hinay on the konyo though (ansabeeeee?!)

SHOWING THIS WEEK: Titus Andronicus

Was in the dress rehearsal of Titus Andronicus a while ago at SDA (thank you Marion for accommodating me) and I’m amazed at how they really prepare for this. From the nitty gritty of it – costume, props, production design, lights, music. Everything seems so well put together. It’s opening this Wednesday, August 3 at the SDA Auditorium, up until August 5. I really didn’t take any photos, but I’ll leave you with this poster they made.

First performed in the winter of 1594, TITUS ANDRONICUS is considered to be Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most violent work marked by a number of beheadings, a disembowelment, rape, dismemberment, murders, and cannibalism. Set during the latter days of the Roman Empire, the play tells the fictional story of Titus, a general in the Roman army, who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with Tamora, Queen of the Goths.

Featuring theater stalwarts KALILA AGUILOS, DAX ALEJANDRO, JOSHUA DEOCAREZA, NAR CABICO, G.A. FALLARME, DERRICK GOZOS, GWYN GUANZON, RUSSELL LEGASPI, MARA MARASIGAN, JIHAD MARIANO, PAOLO O’HARA, CHRISTIAN PARADO, PAUL JAKE PAULE, GAB SANTOS, and JOEL SARCHO as Titus Andronicus, the play will be shown at the SDA Theater at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design & Arts along Vito Cruz, Manila. Performance Dates are August 3, 4, and 5, 2011 with 1:00 and 7:00 PM shows. Ticket prices are at PHP 150, 300, and 350. Co-presented to you by Kickers, High Sierra, DC, Quiksilver, Roxy and Jansport.

Get these cool freebies when you buy the corresponding tickets:

PhP 300 ticket = Jansport lanyard
Two PhP 350 tickets = Jansport notebook
Five PhP 350 tickets = High Sierra backpack
Seven PhP 350 tickets = Jansport backpack
Ten PhP 350 tickets = Any Jansport bag

For tickets and other inquiries, please call or text: 09178387285 / 09155059439 / 09175020531 / 09163256772.


As you know this is the thesis of the AB-Production Design and AB-Technical Theater students of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde (some of whom are my friends.) So let us support them by watching! This is open for all individuals, Benildean or not. See you!!!

If you don’t know how to get there, here’s a map to help you. Or just get off at Vito Cruz LRT 1 station and walk across the road. When you see Jollibee, head straight that street. SDA is near a construction sight and a 7/11 store.

RSVP to this event.

Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus

De La Salle-College of St. Benilde School for Design & Arts stages
the Filipino Translation of Shakespeare’s TITUS ANDRONICUS

Opening this coming August 3 and running until August 5 is a presentation of William Shakespeare’s TITUS ANDRONICUS. It is the thesis production of AB-Production Design and AB-Technical Theater program of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design & Arts (SDA) directed and translated by Palanca awardee George De Jesus III.

First performed in the winter of 1594, TITUS ANDRONICUS is considered to be Shakespeare’s bloodiest and most violent work marked by a number of beheadings, a disembowelment, rape, dismemberment, murders, and cannibalism. Set during the latter days of the Roman Empire, the play tells the fictional story of Titus, a general in the Roman army, who is engaged in a cycle of revenge with Tamora, Queen of the Goths.

Translated into Filipino, this staging of Titus Andronicus adheres to the visual styles and designs of the period when the Roman Empire is at its ebb. Although judged as Shakespeare’s most maligned play, the brutality and violence in Titus Andronicus conceals a deep understanding of human nature. The cycle of revenge and retribution is interpreted as the loss of reason and the decay of rationality that engenders a spectacle of violence plundering what makes a human being human. It is a truth that this production regards as relevant to this day.

Featuring theater stalwarts KALILA AGUILOS, DAX ALEJANDRO, JOSHUA DEOCAREZA, NAR CABICO, G.A. FALLARME, DERRICK GOZOS, GWYN GUANZON, RUSSELL LEGASPI, MARA MARASIGAN, JIHAD MARIANO, PAOLO O’HARA, CHRISTIAN PARADO, PAUL JAKE PAULE, GAB SANTOS, and JOEL SARCHO as Titus Andronicus, the play will be shown at the SDA Theater at the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design & Arts along Vito Cruz, Manila. Performance Dates are August 3, 4, and 5, 2011 with 1:00 and7:00 PM shows. Ticket prices are at PHP 150, 300, and 350.

For tickets and other inquiries, please call or text:09178387285 / 09155059439 / 09175020531 / 09163256772.

See y’all CSB guys!

DLSU Bloggers Congress Roundup

EDIT: This may be lengthier than you’ve thought. But I urge you to just read on, and learn from these amazing bloggers!

De La Salle University’s Office of the Vice President for Internal Affairs gathers bloggers from different fields to share their experience as a citizen of the interwebs. I was lucky to got in (’cause I just accidentally saw it in a busy day!) and listen to these five wise bloggers. Some of them have been there for quite some time, and some had just started out. But all the same, all have put effort into bringing their own creative minds into one structure of awesomesauce! You gotta check this one out!

DSC_1228Early birds catch the good seat. Ok, corny, haha!

DSC_1229Some of the sponsors: Freska and Chatime

DSC_1232Setting up. This picture is featured in DG MNL!

DSC_1235The beautiful Nicole Gaba, Fashion Sensations David Guison and Lissa Kahayon, Project Head Jerik Santos, Foodie Jill Bantang, and Blogger Queen Nina Fuentes 


DSC_1243Efril Lagman

DSC_1247Time for some raffle — FRESKA GCs – featuring the energetic project heads Marco Lim and Jerik Santos.

DSC_1253Jill talks about her food blog – The Food Scout

Jill, a personal banker by profession, relates to us how she was a graduate then and was on a boring career halt that led to eating out heartily and discovering the blogosphere. Today, she blogs about her discoveries in the epicurean industry as well as her foodie travels. I liked that she made an acronym for starting out a B.L.O.G.Believe in yourself, Look for your interests, Organize your thoughts, and Go for it.

DSC_1255The enthusiasm over Angry Birds Cupcakes (which btw are edible, AYLOVEEEET!)


DSC_0001Another promo – say Go for it or Go lang ng go in the best way possible.

DSC_0003And this wins! Congrats for your two Boulevard Diner GCs!


DSC_0007Nina shares, photo by photo, her tales of wanders from Just Wandering.

A seasoned blogger, trained by both adventures and misadventures, Nina shares her point of view, and some blogging secrets, to us. She wows us with the opportunities that blogging has set before her – She has traveled to Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, among many others FOR FREE. That’s quite a tough job. Up close and personal, she also shares some of the downsides of this industry. But truly, a passionate blogger like Nina will always find reasons enough to wander again.


DSC_0011Haters gotta hate. This was sent to her. Obviously, someone’s a noob.

DSC_0013My favorite tip of the day. Doesn’t mean you blog, you’re anything special. Keep grounded, guys!




DSC_0026The very elegant Lissa Kahayon graces the stage and with her fashion wand, this Scene Stealer just shared some magic tricks on how to blog your personal style.

Assistant to top celebrity stylist Liz Uy, Lissa shares to us how her two-year chictopia stint led her to be one of the interwebs’ most fashionable lass. She encourages everyone to blog because you love it, and not just because you feel you’re required to. I especially love her talk about HATERS and how she deals with it. This lady keeps her cool very keenly!

DSC_0027My favorite photo of David. Peace na tayo, Dave! :P


DSC_0032I like to call David a FASHION SENSATION just because he didn’t plan any of this to happen. David shares how his supposedly photoblog DG MNL has opened doors for his career, and maybe even more that that.

I call him THE DAVID GUISON. He said he does not like public speaking, but really he nails it very well. In his usual military-ish look with the signature printed socks – boots finish to kill, David humbly shares his achievements as a blogger and a well-published photographer/writer at a very young age. He is the peg in life that I had a vision of, but then nursing happened. Yuck, nagshare (making gaya of Nicole Gaba’s line, lol) Anyway, he may be famous and all that, but he is a true example of The Boy Who Stayed Humble. Down is the way up, just as anon said.

DSC_0042Some of the brands David has endorsed. SOME.

DSC_0044Tarayan sitners?

DSC_0052Styling contest. That is Ecks of Stache Magazine.


DSC_0056My favorite couple shot. Doncha deny you two!

DSC_0058Jelito de Leon




DSC_0065Among them, he may be the oldest. But as the adage goes, wisdom comes with age. Celebrity Wedding Videographer Jason Magbanua, with all the energy in the world, discusses the business side of blogging.

I missed his talk in Ayala Museum, so he was really the first reason to go to this series of talks. Jason did not blog because he has nothing to do, or was bored, or was planning of interwebs domination. He blogged because he needed to feed his family. Coming from an entrepreneur’s point of view, Jason shifts to the perspective many of the audience was never aware of – blogging as a platform of marketing. Hence, he was speaking of trade secrets, those that were not written in books, but gained by experience. My favorite tip was: give them something to talk about. And boy, am I sure to follow that!


DSC_0067I like how animated he is when doing his lectures! Very brilliant, wise man!


I hope I did justice to what these amazing bloggers have shared to us, and I also wish that I have delivered it at par to what they have done back there. DLSU has done the big step towards the social media bandwagon and has recognized the powers of blogging into bringing a spark of hope into the society. Watch out, because this blog pledges (though, I am really not LaSallian) to participate in DLSU Blog Action Day Project, and will start on August 13th! I’m excited to be a part of this!


I really haven’t eaten anything, but just a bottle of Coke Zero for the whole day, so Ame and I went to Chatime and Pasta Place after the seminar. BOY WAS I HUNGRY! (Rearrange that sentence, lol!)

DSC_0075Chicken Pesto

DSC_0076Churros with chocolate dip

DSC_0077Sardine Pesto – coming back for this.

DSC_0078Finally got to try Chatime. I love their roasted variety. Wasn’t anything special though. 

DSC_0081Pasta Place is a bit generous.

DSC_0082When you think you had enough. I cheated my diet regimen and ate a Pepperoni Panini.

That wasn’t so bad. Not really at par with The Food Scout, though! Teehee!

Keep blogging y’all,

Cinemalaya 7



Thirty one digital films in competition, plus more than a hundred in exhibition, new sections, and a second festival venue all make Cinemalaya bigger and better this year.  With the tagline in festival ads beckoning audiences to See the Unseen, Cinemalaya films this year tackle such themes as passion, memory, truth, despair, obsession, terror and splendor.

Cinemalaya will reach a wider audience as it will be held in two places at the same time:  its main venue at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, CCP Complex and at Greenbelt 3 in Makati City, in cooperation with Ayala Theaters Management.  The addition of Greenbelt 3 as a second major venue for the festival is part of the vision of Cinemalaya organizers to make the Festival more accessible to the growing number of audiences that attend Cinemalaya.


Now on its seventh year, Cinemalaya is a project of the Cinemalaya Foundation, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), Film Development Council of the Philippines and Econolink Investments, Inc. It is an all-digital film festival that aims to discover, encourage and honor cinematic works of Filipino filmmakers that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity.

Cinemalaya’s main competition categories are the New Breed full length feature category and the Short Feature category featuring works by new directors. The Directors Showcase is a competition for works by established directors.

Nine films will compete in the New Breed full length feature category; ten in the Short feature category and four in the Directors Showcase.

Competing in the New Breed category are:

  • Amok (Amok) by Lawrence Fajardo
  • Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) by Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez
  • Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) by Alemberg Ang and Alvin Yapan
  • Bahay Bata (Baby Factory) by Eduardo W. Roy, Jr. and Jerome Zamora
  • Cuchera by Joseph Israel M. Laban
  • I-libings: Your Loss, Our Luck (E-funerals) by Rommel Andreo Sales
  • Ligo na U, Lapit Na Me (Star Crossed Love) by Noel Ferrer, Jerry Gracio and Erick Salud; Nino by Loy Arcenas
  • Teoriya (Father’s Way) by Alistaire Christian E. Chan

The nine finalists of the New Breed Full Length Feature category each received a P500,000 seed grant from the Cinemalaya Foundation as investment for the production. The Best Full Length Feature Film will receive a prize of P200,000 and the Balanghai Trophy. The New Breed Full Length feature category is open to Filipino filmmakers who have not yet directed more than three full feature films.


The ten finalists in the Short Feature category are:

  • Debut by Pamela Llanes Reyes
  • Every Other Time by Gino M. Santos
  • Hanapbuhay (Source of Living) by Henry Frejas
  • Hazard by Mikhail Red
  • Immanuel by Gabriel “Gio” Puyat
  • Nino Bonito by Rommel “Milo” Tolentino
  • Oliver’s Apartment by Misha Balangue
  • Samarito (Samaritan) by Rafael L. Santos
  • Un Diutay Mundo (One Small World) by Ana Carlyn V. Lim
  • Walang Katapusang Kwarto (An Endless Room) by Emerson Reyes

The winner of the Short Feature Category will receive a prize of P100,000.00 and the Balanghai trophy.

The four finalists in the Directors Showcase are:

  • Bisperas (Eve) by Jeffrey Jeturian
  • Busong (Palawan Fate) by Auraeus Solito
  • Isda (Fable of the Fish) by Adolfo Alix Jr.
  • Patikul by Joel C. Lamangan

The finalists of the Directors showcase each received a P500,000 seed grant from the Cinemalaya Foundation. The Best Film in the Directors Showcase will receive a prize of P300,000 and the Balanghai Trophy. The Directors Showcase is open to full length feature works by Filipino directors who have directed at least three full-length commercial feature films.

New sections will spice up this year’s Cinemalaya menu. Focus Asia will feature eight independent works by Asian directors from Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Singapore and Japan. The Ronwaldo Reyes Retrospective, presented in cooperation with the Society of Filipino Archivists for Film, will highlight the directorial works of National Artist Fernando Poe Jr., better known to Filipinos as an action star.  The Cinemalaya Documentary section, presented in cooperation with Calata Corporation, offers a hefty and more substantial helping of films on various aspects of Philippine life and society.

Two theaters at Greenbelt 3 will be dedicated to Cinemalaya on July 16-24, 2011.  The films to be shown at Greenbelt will be those in competition in the New Breed Full Length Feature category, the Short Feature Category, the Directors Showcase, and NETPAC Philippine Premieres.  The films of the  new Focus Asia section of Cinemalaya will also be shown at Greenbelt.

At the CCP, the Festival will be held in seven venues. The opening ceremony is slated on July 15, 6:00 pm followed by the festival opening film at the CCP Main Theater. The Cinemalaya Awards Night will be held on July 24, 7:00 pm at the same venue.

Other sections of the Cinemalaya are the NETPAC Philippine Premieres with eight competing films, Ani (a harvest of the best Filipino Indie Films of the past year), Kids Treats (indie films for children) and Midnite Specials (indie films with adult themes). Cinemalaya will also organize the Cinemalaya Film Congress, which will carry the theme Building Bridges Across Asia Through Films, and other film related events such as the Sine Taktakan (forum with 2011 Cinemalaya filmmakers), lectures and exhibits.

For more tickets and information, please call the CCP Box Office at 832-3704 and CCP Media Arts at 832-1125 local 1204/05 or visit the CCP website at and


For more synopses and schedules of the participating films, you may view Pepe Diokno’s note in Facebook here. Every year, I look forward to the Cinemalaya Season, every July, where it really showcases the works of the country’s talented filmmakers. It is the biggest, perhaps, and an important avenue in today’s cinema in nurturing the talents of emerging filmmakers. When I was a student, I always miss the opening and awards night, and most of the screenings, because of my very hectic schedule. I always wait it to be shown in UP Cine Adarna where, most of the time, it matches my timeframe and most of my friends’ too. I think I can watch more liberally this year since I don’t have school anymore (and hopefully future endeavors won’t come in conflict with this.)

Come delve into the wonderful minds of these visionaries! See you there!


Araw ng Kalayaan

It’s Independence Day, Pinoys, here and around the world!

Independence day may mean a lot of things. It may be what the heroes did for us. That they died for our independence. It may be the liberty from slavery. All these, but the rest relies on us, on those who lived after.

Freedom depends on whose vantage it is looked upon. I’ll ask you. Is this freedom? Or maybe drowning in freedom? What and where is freedom? Does this look like freedom? Or is freedom abused? Look at this. Do you like what you see?

There is more to the Philippines that meets the eye. We have great culture. We have abundant resources. Yet, we bask in poverty. People lack discipline. Government lack concern. Is this what freedom did to us?


These are some of the photos I took for an upcoming project for my high school alma mater. On the eve of Independence Day, my best friend Rafael, and I found ourselves in the midst of Fort Santiago, amazed at the stories that the wounded walls has to tell. And we looked outside, it’s another story.

Happy Independence Day, my dear Filipinos. Let us put our freedom to good use.  I dream to live to see the real freedom in the Philippines – freedom from poverty, corruption, and apathy.

Tara, sulong tayo,

Rocking it at Moonleaf

Just back home! I had dinner with Jen at Toast Box (which really reminds me of my meals in Singapore, but they really have a serious issue with sesame oil in their Hainanese Chicken), had some small heart-to-heart and updating each other. Also we were in matching I♥SG shirts. We headed to Moonleaf where my friends, Fashion Field Trip people are hanging out! Jen just loved the Beckies and it was all good vibes in that place! Watch Thysz, Mark, Eldzs, Fold and another guy who I can’t remember the name (sarreh!) Ziggy dance here. It’s just a fun place to be at and meet these cool people!

Moonleaf Tea Shop
Maginhawa st., UP Village, Quezon City
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