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Oxygen S/S12 x Marcela Gutierrez Preview

Almost a month ago, Oxygen invited me, along with other fashion bloggers to preview their would-be Summer-Spring 2012 collection at their Trinoma branch. I’m so honored to be in the same room with some of the top influencers of Philippine fashion, much more drinking Perrier, having cold cuts and custom-made cupcakes, and conversing with them. Indeed, it has been a pleasure to be there for Oxygen.

DSC_0973Cupcakes by Patti Grandidge. Subtly class, and yummeh!

DSC_0974I could’ve devoured the cold cut platter. Nice choice, I say!


Saw Vergil Chua right after entering the store. Met him for the first time here.

DSC_0977No sneaking! LOL!


inKARLcerating and Tin Iglesias


Mommy Thysz! And I love that Comme des Garcons tee!



Ira Giorgetti. Oh how I envy your genes, LOLJK :D


DSC_0993Carina of Connect, Gerd Perez, Miko Carreon, Alex Lapa



Jeff Bascon, Oxygen’s ultra-hip brand manager, pointing their latest pieces.


Introducing the latest collaboration of Oxygen with internationally renown fashion illustrator Marcela Gutierrez! For a while, I thought Marcela’s name was a bit familiar, until I realized I met her already here! And so I was very excited to see this collection, especially before anyone outside that room sees it! You have to give it, Oxygen really has classy style. Marcela is the way to go!!!






This green-white-gray illustration got my eye, and yay, I found it in my loot :D


DSC_1010Tie-dye-ish fashion is coming back in a twisted version. I love it! Definitely waiting for this to hit the racks.


I’ve been meaning to distress some of my pants. This gave an idea what to do with my old ones. But yes, this is on the wishlist, too. Very grungy and adherent to the Oxygen fashion that I know! 


Carrot cut pants. If it weren’t for my hips that don’t lie – quoting Hanna Samson!


Drape-y top.

DSC_1014I wish this shorts comes with a boy version.


Sheer top. I can almost feel how comfy this is under the cruel summer sun heat.





Not sure if this is the piece Kat Reyes told us about sublimation, but I really like the sexy illustration.


Jeff Bascon and Cholo dela Vega



DSC_1025Spotted: Style Samurai, Ms. Daryl Chang who I saw in casual clothing for the first time. She rocks any fashion statement.

DSC_1027Oxygen just treated us to a shopping afternoon. All the love from the bottom of my heart!!!

DSC_1028Alex, Pax, Karl, Tin. In fairness to Pax who still has no sleep that day – EFFORT! Love it, teh!

DSC_1032Miko, Verge, and Gerd with Edryan Lorenzo of Oxygen. Thanks Ed for inviting and accommodating us. Yer the best, pal!



This box made me really happy. Had a separate post about this. Thank you Oxygen and Connect Agencie! ^^


DSC_0001Grabbed lunch at Mcdo with Thysz. We’re big eaters like dut. Tee-hee!

Solo black button-down, Oxygen gray denims, Thrifted military boots, Paradigm Shift noose neck piece.

Thanks to Miko and Verge for the last two photos :)

Like Oxygen at Facebook, follow their awesome Tumblelog, and their Twitter for updates on their latest fashion pieces. Most of all, go out there and buy those pieces, they’re all worth it – which reminds me to work, work, work so hard so that I can buy, buy, buy all I want! LOL!

Help Save a Heartbeat

It’s sweet when businesses are not just making profit for owners themselves, when they go the extra mile to support a cause. In this case, my online shop owner friend Eunicena informed me about their new line of shirts at VNALTIK and how it is made to support a friend who’s having a heart surgery. Surgery ain’t cheap, let’s admit it. So I really admire her for her love for her friend and her sincerity to help.

I LOVE THE DESIGNS! No, really! It speaks to the heart (pun intended) and is very classy, nonetheless. The shirts cost PhP550 and the tank top, PhP350. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes, too – so everyone can avail!  Not too steep for a piece of fashionable clothing that can spark a whole new chance of living for someone. Some of us buy very expensive clothes and I have nothing to rant about that – it’s everybody’s right to feel and look good in clothing. But when an opportunity to help like this opens, I hope you have a heart to spend some bucks to help save a life.

If you are willing to help (and to wear this, I honestly cannot think how you won’t want this, hehe) click here and fill out the order form. You may also read Eunicena’s blog post here about The Beat Goes On and like it on Facebook here.

Thank you! And I hope you spread the word… to the same beat.

Last Week in Photos

One out of my two-week break is over and it was fairly productive. Though I won’t deny that I slept for 17 hours before last week formally started. My week starts on a Monday, if you may.

Skype webinar with Punchdrunk Panda featuring the Nomad Manager, Jen Horn. *is sad, didn’t take a screencap*

Collab meeting with my college buds, Hanna and Ella. Something good is brewin’ in my little team of nurses *grins* Can’t divulge right now, though. BUT VERY SOON!!!


Meeting at PdP HQ. First complete team meeting! Excuse my weird facial expression. Taken by Gail Go.

Caught on with my The Big Bang Theory marathon. Just finished Season 3!

Dropped by the Wrangler thingamajig at Trinoma. I love the grungy look!

DSC_0930I like distressed jeans!

DSC_0926Wrangler Jeep




DSC_0939Bakit hindi Philippines?

DSC_0932They also have tops


DSC_0937Long lines

DSC_0948Hanna and Ella, fresh from BLS training, dropped by. BLS means Basic Life Support.

DSC_0934Saw Dee and June, too! Ang taba talaga ni June ngayon! :P

Finally had a haircut.

DSC_0952You do not want to see what’s inside that bonnet

DSC_0958Et voila! Love my rocker chic hair. Have to thank Pabs of Bench Fix Trinoma.


Thanks to Nica for taking my photos

I promise I already had dinner before Nica and I decided to have Thai food at Jatujak for *gulp* another dinner. For me, at least.



DSC_0967Thai milk tea. Did not notice it tastes like grass jelly until Nica mentioned it. I like it pa rin naman…

DSC_0970We both lurve Bagoong Rice. But it needs more bagoong, seriously. Or just order more (what we did)

DSC_0971Sauteed Kangkong. This needs bagoong. I love the garlic, though.


I used to hate Thai food because of a certain Pad Thai gone bad. Here’s my new Thai go-to place until I find a better Thai place.

Back at Trinoma for an event. Will blog about these in the coming days.

DSC_1021I had better photos in other cameras. I look so pagod here!!!

Met up with the one and only, Jen Aquino, for retail therapy at Trendsetters Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.




DSC_0005Hannah and Jen. Jen ALWAYS goes to La Dame when we go to bazaars.

DSC_0007Paradigm Shift + Unisex + Os + Soule Phenomenon + Miadore booth. I love Nicole’s new look (not in photo.) Say hi to Yekky and Karl!


DSC_0015Gel just had to have that outfit post. Tea-hee!

I wish there are more menswear/shoes/accessories in bazaars. Shopping is not just a lady’s choice, you know?



Paradigm Shift nooses and other accessories

DSC_0012This is on the wishlist if you will ask. Bird Skull from Os.

DSC_0014I want a satchel that’s not so mahalia jackson


DSC_0018This was love at first sight!!! Rex Clothing‘s Cross tee, or so I think it is called. I just love the use of rubber and how minimal it is. I just had to get it.


Late dinner at Chili’s. I just had the mashed potato of my life.


DSC_0024Monterey© Chicken. SRSLY THIS MASHED POTATO KILLS! Next time, I’m ordering it solo.

DSC_0025Honey Chipotle Crispy Chicken Crispers. The chicken is just so juicy and the honey and chipotle made a sweet-spicy medley.

Actually we wanted to order the whole menu, but these two already left us crawling to the cab. And it ripped my pocket, lol!

Cupcakes and macarons please,

Wrangler // Fiamma // Collective



Oh well. I still don’t have internet at home, and I am still hooking at a random wi-fi hotspot. God knows what amount of curses I’ve been hurling at Globe in a span of two weeks. I think I haven’t sworn so much in my life. Messing up with my internet connection is clearly a way to get me pissed. Shutanginamezzz!!!


Well anyhow, back to regular programming. I went to  Robinson’s Place Manila for Wrangler‘s fashion show – featuring their newest collection and brand ambassador, Daniel Matsunaga and Aubrey Miles (who wasn’t there.) I wasn’t able to come to their show last Fashion Week and I was really glad I made it this time – though I was really late. You gotta hate Makati traffic.


DSC_0716Didn’t catch the women walk

DSC_0719Was just in time for zeh boys. *lucky!*



DSC_0726I love this look!!!




DSC_0732I like how it is so my style – shirt x denims x boots. I just have to work out for the ‘ceps, LOL!


DSC_0735 He looks like a boy in a really masculine body. You gotta love that!

DSC_0736Wrangler all over, eh?


DSC_0741Andi Manzano hosted

DSC_0746I could’ve walked the ramp instead. I kid, I kid!!! Okay, don’t take that seriously haha.

DSC_0747NFFs!!! Ava, Krissy, Ana, Megann, and Keigh!

DSC_0750Had a quick dinner at Piadina with the bloggers. I had pesto.


Hanged out a little bit with Ava, Keigh, and Megann at Chatime – Archers branch. New girlfriends, I love!!! I then went straight to Fiamma after for Bobet’s event. The place was so packed!!!




DSC_0755I so love this photo of Adrianne, Megan, and Thysz. You can make a story out of it alone!



DSC_0758Mike, Bon


DSC_0764Why was a tabasco sauce in the table? Somebody perhaps took shots of this, LOL!

Human flood!!! That’s why we went to The Collective for Gold Panda’s gig. I didn’t stay though, had work the following day.


DSC_0768LOL at Ate Bobet’s face!





DSC_0781Quick bite at Happy Palace. It’s either I was so wasted because I haven’t had a decent sleep, or I’ll-keep-my-mouth-shut. 


Greater Good x Stylebreak

This is one of the collaborations I’ve been watching close lately. I love how eco-awareness has been a motivation in commerce, and how the fashion world follows suit. Greater Good‘s geek-hunk Mike Concepcion and Stylebreak‘s uber-fashionista Laureen Uy teamed up for Young Folk, Silly Folk. Ditch the animal fur/hide/scales/whatnot, the collaboration aims to support the environment and animal rights by printing animal prints rather using real ones.

I really hope my last rotation is not in Batangas. I want to go the launch! Or have an excuse to go to the Borough and eat their famous gourmet New York-style burgers. Whichever, I want to go! See you (hopefully)!

Actually it’s

The famed clothing company inspired by Urban Patriotism and Francis M‘s music, image, and advocacies launched it’s official online shopping portal, moving from the original Multiply shop set up by the Master Rapper himself, Francis Magalona with collaborators Carlo Maniquiz, Itoy Villajin, and Willy Velasquez. Now runned by the Magalonas and the same collaborators, Francis M Clothing Company (FMCC) brings their products accessible to all the Philippine Islands and the world —

It was on soft launch on December 6, as tweeted by Saab. Some things are still rough on the edges so she tweeted…

And I see that it’s still up by now. I suppose it’s functional already. Featuring the future of the Tee —

Men’s Collection.

Women’s Collection.

Now offering bags also. accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Saab tweeted about DHL, so I again suppose they’re delivering via DHL.

Learn more about in their blog, terms and conditions, and FAQs.

Come to think of it, this holiday season, this is not a bad gift idea. Spread urban patriotism. Love our own. Represent, yo!

* I feel the need to disclose some details here. I am not paid for this entry and also not in connection with the Magalonas, nor the management of FMCC. But yes, I am in love with FMCC designs, Saab, and the Mags.

* Have fun shopping for the Holidays!

UPDATE: FMCC would be at the Noel Discovery Bazaar in the World Trade Center in Pasay City from December 18-23. See y’all there!