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Tweet. Meet. Give.

As you might have overheard at Twitter, Twestival Manila is happening in four days time at LeBistroVert, Valero st., Makati City and is hosted by Mr. TJ Manotoc! If you haven’t, read about it here. In the spirit of generosity, I am giving away TWO (2) Twestival Tickets worth PhP250 each! Each ticket is inclusive of two drinks, a loot bag, and an awesome chance to win cool prizes by our very generous sponsors!

All you have to do is this:
1. Follow me in Twitter: @Jonver_David
2. Tweet this: “I support @TwestivalMNL on 3/24 8pm LeBistroVert, Valero st., Makati City #jSWAG”
3. Only entries tweeted before March 24, 12 a.m. are honored.
4. I’ll be choosing a winner randomly via
5. Winners shall be announced on March 24, 8 a.m. via DM.
6. Failure to respond before 1 p.m. shall forfeit the winner of the ticket and goes to the next randomly chosen contestant.

NOTE: This contest is open to everyone. Although, Twestival Manila is in MAKATI CITY, so be sure first you can attend the event before joining :)

What are you waiting for, TWEET NOW, and let us all be in the spirit of generosity!

Tweet. Meet. Give.

Twestival Manila: Biggest Tweetup EVERRR!

Tweetup. (n.) meet up with Twitter friends.

Something for the Japan quake… We love you JAPAN!

If you’ve been on Twitter for a while, you’ve probably heard of Tweetup, especially if you participated in #sentisabado. It’s been quite popular among Twitterati, seeing each other and meeting the persons behind the usernames.

Some Twitter people behind Twestival Manila: Ros, Me, Charm, Marga, and JeepneED people!

On March 24, one of the biggest tweetups on Twitter universe (or at least just for a Twitter country like the Philippines) is happening. Enter Twestival Manila.

Twestival® (or Twitter Festival) uses social media for social good by connecting communities offline on a single day to highlight a great cause and have a fun event. Twestival is the largest global grassroots social media fundraising initiative to date. Since 2009, volunteers have raised close to $1.2 million for 137 nonprofits. All local events are organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go direct to projects.

Twestival was born out of the idea that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but work from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. Over 200 international cities from Buenos Aires to Bangalore, Seattle to Seoul and Hong Kong to Honolulu have participated in Twestival.

(Official website)

For the first time, Manila is participating in this worldwide OFFLINE event to tweet, meet and give! This year’s beneficiary, and the very first, is JeepneED.

JeepneED is mobile science and tech lab for rural schools in the Philippines. It takes education on the tracks with laptops (with internet), printer, scanner, projector, and basic science materials for around 8 – 12 rural schools. JeepneED aims to bring science and technology without intimidation, and taking it to a whole new level!

You can be a part of something bigger ’cause you, yes you social media fiend, are invited to this very momentous event! It’s gonna be held this Thursday, March 24, 8pm at LeBistroVert, Valero st., Makati City with host, TJ Manotoc! Ticket costs PhP250 (click here to buy) inclusive already of free drinks, a loot bag, and an awesome chance to win cool raffle prizes! ALL (to the cent) proceeds goes to JeepneED.

BTS, Twestival Manila 2011

Come one, come all to Manila’s biggest tweetup ever! We’re aiming to raise PhP140,000 to help JeepneED with their operations. Let’s help education spread throughout our country and you can do your part! Go get that pen, block Thursday, ’cause we are gonna do this!

Tweetup, March 19, 2011

We appreciate ANY kind of help. So if you have that big heart, you can do any of these:

  • Follow @TwestivalMNL and tweet about the @TwestivalMNL event.
  • Invite your friends — officemates, workmates, your boss, and even your family.
  • Sponsor the event, especially if your company is on Twitter or would like to reach out to the Philippines’ lively and dynamic Twitter community in a socially-responsible way.
  • Buy tickets in advance – or buy tickets even if you cannot attend. The more tickets sold, the quicker we reach the goal of providing support to @jeepNEED and the rural high schools it wishes to serve. We will have a safe and secure way to buy tickets online.
  • Buy more than one ticket. Buy tickets in bulk. This is not for everyone, really. But for those who wish to donate to a good cause. We say to them: @TwestivalMNL and @jeepNEED would be glad to receive your donations!
  • Publicize the event on your blogs and on Facebook, on newspapers/radio/television if you’re a journalist or editor, on your shows if you’re a movie/TV star. Tell your many followers on Twitter about this event.
  • Volunteer to contact media. Volunteer to look for sponsors. Volunteer to perform a song or a dance at the event. Volunteer to help in any way you see fit.

Thanks y’all! Ciao for now!

P.S. Come to think of it, it may not be an entirely offline event, knowing the Tweople can never resist the urge to tweet!
P.S.S. Follow @TwestivalMNL for more updates. And also @Jonver_David, ’cause I might raffle off two tickets to Twestival!

P.S.S.S. Our OFW brothers and sisters can also be a part of this, Click here to donate!

Blogs x V-Day

Been blog hopping for the last few hours because I’m – 1.) home early (yes, no cringing!), 2.) sick as hell, and 3.) really such a blogwhore. /LOL. Anyway. You should’ve seen my RSS reader! It’s been painted red all over.




I love Laureen, the uber-fashionista.


An idolatry I learned some six years ago – Ms. Lori Baltazar.


Me Buddha Banana

Bjorn x Manila

As much as I cringe how young he is and already making it big, I admire that his passion in everything he does.

Saab x FMCC

Is it necessary to say I love Saab more than any girl in my life? Groupie alert.


Rent is in my forever growing list of theatrical plays to watch. Maybe this Valentine’s. If only V-Day is a holiday!


* Photo credits to the respective bloggers.

I excluded posts from the ongoing Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark – to which I was about to go, just when my asthma attacks like there’s no tomorrow. Dear lungs, I haven’t abused you at all, so why this? (Sorry. Ranting now.) ALSO! That Status Fashion Show in UST! Damn.

Valentine’s Day (or ❤’s Day to others. Make it Single Awareness Day to many!!!) is only three snoozes away. On a manic monday, I bet you’ll find it difficult finding a quiet, and almost empty restaurant with people less than smooching in front of you. People flood the malls as if it’s the Christmas sale again (AND LUNETA. Do people date there pa?) Flowers’ price hikes (to which I ask, why do chocolates’ don’t.) And the need for the RH bill to be passed increases. For me though (as in for the past 21 years a.k.a. My Whole Life), I’ll be spending it with friends and family (or with paperworks.) Hopefully, the former.

Not that I care that I don’t have a Valentine. Haha!

I’m going random and bonkers already. My lungs are unimaginable.


We dream of schools where truth is given the highest value and equality is lived, of schools that nurture those who seek learning to ensure dignity of life. (One La Salle official website)

“The One La Salle Scholarship Fund campaign is the Philippine Lasallian Family’s commitment to continue the same mission.
Our goal is to raise One Billion Pesos by the year 2011 to support and send about 18,000 scholars to our 17 Lasallian schools all over the country. This may seem like an ambitious target but, by working together, we can fulfill this great mission.”

“This is an invitation for you to share and support the One La Salle Scholarship Fund campaign. Just as St. La Salle worked for the realization of this dream together with those who believed in the cause, we pray that we could be partners in this worthwhile endeavor.”


I found this in the Volunteer section of and thought I might contribute something. It’s in De La Salle Canlubang (DLSC), one of the many schools under the De La Salle System. As you may have read above, this is part of the La Salle’s centennial anniversary project to send 18,000 scholars to their schools. DLSC will be having their advocacy concert on March 18 and I invite all of you (this is the part where I volunteer, lol) to go. It’s in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, so if you’re near to the area, please do come. Different bands will be performing with special guests from other La Sallian schools around Luzon.

It’s the day after my birthday, so I’m thinking of coming, too! Let’s go for education’s sake! Be ReloadED!

Wiki Takes the City: MNL

I was doing a rundown on some neglected feeds on my Google reader, when I came across this one. I super hate that I can’t come because I have Saturday classes (which always suck like I had Sunday classes earlier today), and that I am graduating already, and that I can’t risk losing my candidacy for latin honors. So here, to those who wants to take Manila on a whole new level:

Original Post

In celebration of Wikipedia’s tenth anniversary, Wikimedia Philippines (WMPH) is proud to organize the first Philippine Wikipedia Takes the City photo scavenger hunt, Wikipedia Takes Manila.

What is it? Wikipedia Takes Manila is a Wikipedia Takes the City-style photo scavenger hunt, with coverage of the City of Manila. Teams will take pictures of various buildings, monuments and structures in Manila throughout the day. Following the event will be a party for contest participants and guests.

Where is it? The central meeting place for this event will be at Paco Park, San Marcelino St., PacoManila. The mass uploading of pictures obtained, awards ceremony and party for participants and guests meanwhile will be held at Shakey’s Pizza, Maria Orosa Ave. cor. United Nations Ave., ErmitaManila.

When is it? Wikipedia Takes Manila will be held on Wikipedia Day, January 15, from 9:00 am PST onwards.
Who can join? Anyone can join Wikipedia Takes Manila. If you can form a team of 2-3 people and have your own cameras, come sign up! You can register using this form.
How much? Wikipedia Takes Manila is free! However, teams are responsible for paying for fares and entrance fees incurred in the course of the competition.
Wikimedia Philippines

I hope to come to the party, though :P