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Moonleaf giveaway winner + updates!

I must admit, I really had a hard time deciding for the winner of the Moonleaf Planner. But y’know, though I really want all of you to win (LOL!) I wish I have enough resources too, I have to choose one.

And our Moonleaf planner winner is… Zeti Cuenca (@zeticuenca)

Don’t worry if you didn’t win in this contest – you can still avail of this very affordable, albeit pretty and functional, planner! You just have to go to the nearest Moonleaf Tea Shop branch and buy one for only PhP300 (white) / PhP450 (black)!

Speaking of which, I’m really tempted to go to Moonleaf San Fernando earlier this day since I was near there and was craving for Wintermelon Black Tea. Though sadly, nobody can drive me there, and I’m too tamad to commute, HAHA! Sucha brat!

Tameta Clan. Shot earlier at my Aunt’s house in Malolos.

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope we all had a meaningful Christmas… though mine took a lot of twists and turns and whatnots, in the end I can say that this is the best Christmas everrr! Just received the best gift too, I wish I can blog about it already, but yeah, I can’t :P

Hello! Did you miss me?

I know it’s so bipolar-ish of me to be so happy after my existential x philosophical x dreading post about Christmas. But hey, again — if we can be happy everyday, and Christmas is JUST another day. Then we can be happy on Christmas day. Merry Christmas IS appropriate to say! :P

A few updates before I start my backlog-killing spree! (Oh fun!)

  • Our benefit pop-up bazaar at Moonleaf Maginhawa turned out to be success! We raised over PhP23,000 for Northern Mindanao! Way to go bloggers and shoppers! Moonleaf is still accepting donations up until the end of this day ONLY.

  • I’m so excited to share to you my Bicol adventure! Well, not really an adventure as I was there for the First Bicol Social Media Workshop! Had a grand time with students from Bicol University!

PPhoto by one of the students from BU

  • Right after touchdown in Manila, I went straight to prep for my sister’s debut! Angel @ 18 was a huge success, and I’m so proud of my sister!!!

Angel’s so pretty!

Syempre, di ako pakakabog! Unkabogable KUYA!

  • HAD THE GRANDEST TIME AT PdP’S CHRISTMAS PARTYYYY! Pictures to follow! So sad though others didn’t make it na.
  • I still have utang posts about PdP’s blogger hangout at Milky & Sunny and  Dr. Marten’s re-opening in the PH! It was so much fun!!! *oh forgive the lag, December is a busy month :(*

Photo by Miko Carreon

  • The Moonleaf Tea Shop Planner giveaway is still on UNTIL the end of this day (Dec. 24, 11:59pm) I hadn’t have time to read every comment, but it seems to me, so far, that everyone LOVES the Moonleaf planner!

  • My already-stout heart has been made even stouter by people giving stuff to me for Christmas. I love you all, guys and gals ❤
  • And if you haven’t got anything for me, just refer to this Wishlist. CHAROT! But yeah, you can give me anything from the list. Do not hesitate, please. HAHA! #makapal #ohyeah!

So that’s pretty much everything happening! If you must know, after my backlogs I’m on to my Pokemon workout and will finish probably American Psycho (and probably also, succumb into downloading Haruki Murakami e-books.) HAHA!


Smart x Mini

Smart x Mini Cooper 1

Smart x Mini Cooper 2

Smart x Mini Cooper 3

Get a chance to win a Mini Cooper just by using Opera Mini! It’s indeed a world of Minis!!! Also, tweet #smartminicooper! Who knows what happens if you do :P

Tatt Awards Launch

So bad a blogger of me, these photos are soooooo late! Anyhow, we did manage to have fun at the launch of the Globe Tatt Awards last June 30 at Opus. With games from Silly People’s Improv Theatre or SPIT (which is damn well crazy) and a stunning mini circus performance (I forgot who performed, but they’re good) Globe introduced to us the first ever Tatt Awards.

DSC_0982It’s my first time at Opus. Been gone from the partying scene for quite a while. Interiors are good! But they need to work their Mojito.


DSC_0984@juanxi – Ros, The Juan, on Twitter 24/7! VOTE FOR HER AAH!

DSC_0985Raffy Celestial

DSC_0986Juned Sonido of Philippine Blog Awards Admin.


DSC_0989Ariel from SPIT

DSC_0991Judge Gang Badoy with Ros Juan


DSC_0992SPIT starting now…

DSC_0993Things you regret posting online (in A – Z manner!)







DSC_1002Got our jaws droppin’


DSC_1004The tweeps couch! Raffy, Redge, Aaron, JP, Cor, Ros, Tonyo, Iya, and someone I forgot… sorry!

DSC_1005Chad, Yen, and Marga

DSC_1006The Mom Blogger, Noemi Dado of


DSC_1009Kenneth (a.k.a. Theo Cheng) of SPIT

DSC_1010Tatt Awards Judges Rico Mossesgeld and Dong Ronquillo

DSC_1012Happy and Dingdong from SPIT



DSC_1016Team SPIT

DSC_1018Blogger Aisa Ipac with other blogger friends 


We ate dinner at nearby Tao Yuan and grabbed our favorite Singaporean dishes (well, mostly) Photo above is a plate of Prawn rolls.

DSC_1021Fried Garlic Pork

DSC_1022String beans and pork

DSC_1023The star of the night – Hainanese Chicken!

DSC_1024So good, I can’t help to take another photo

DSC_1025Spicy Laksa


DSC_1027Lychee (that I wish was served with ice or chilled)

Actually, this event was to campaign Ros for the category The One or aptly, The Juan. LOL! I had a blast with these guys and it actually felt like my send off party to my board exam, which was two days after this event. Don’t forget to nominate your favorite social media personalities at the Globe Tatt Awards!

Thank you to Globe for inviting us over! Til next time!

Globe Tatt Awards

With up to 95% of online Pinoys as active participants in social media, it comes as no surprise that the Philippines has been named the Social Networking Capital of the world. Passionate, committed and vocal, Filipino web users are headed for social media greatness, and Tattoo, the Globe-powered internet brand that has become a youth favorite, is right there with them.

Responding to the Pinoy online explosion, Tattoo has created the first-ever Tatt Awards, a series of accolades celebrating Filipinos who share Tattoo’s fiery passion and who have used that energy to create a strong and unforgettable social media presence.

Technophiles, video vamps, take-no-prisoners ballbreakers and advocates for change are all welcome at the Tatt Awards (see all categories and mechanics.) Stand up and have your pioneering online efforts be recognized by a jury of your peers and the Tatt Awards Council of judges including —

Veteran journalist and the force behind ABS-CBN’s News and Current Affairs initiatives Maria Ressa

Rock Ed Philippines founder Gang Badoy

Prolific blogger and entrepreneur Cecile Zamora-Van Straten

Tech blogger supreme and Tattoo ambassador Rico Mossesgeld

Flippish star and YouTube personality, Director, and Video Blogger Kring Elenzano

RX radio DJ Chico Garcia

President of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association Hans Roxas-Chua

Tattoo Head of Nomadic Broadband Business Dong Ronquillo

Representing life without limits, Tattoo is the perfect brand to celebrate social media strides, with its speedy and affordable broadband hookups that enable myriad online connections among Filipinos in the country and around the world.  Ronquillo enthuses, “Tattoo is all about making your mark and your own personal definition of greatness.  The Tatt Awards is our venue to recognize those individuals that through their passion and individuality have created a space that is uniquely theirs, but sincerely shared with others.”

It is no coincidence that Tattoo is launching the Tatt Awards on June 30, designated the second annual Social Media Day by award-winning social media and tech news site Mashable (  With Social Media Day meetups planned in nearly 1400 cities around the world, it will be the day to celebrate the technological advancements that empower everyone to connect with others and access information quickly and easily.

The field will be open for nominations via   Public votes through the Tatt Awards portal and the scores of the Tatt Awards Council will determine the winners, who will each receive 100,000 Pesos in cash and premium broadband products from Tattoo. Expect the big announcements within August 2011!

Take your cue from Tattoo.  Steal the spotlight online and share your passion to create, inspire and lead in social media.


And look who’s on the banner?! It’s my favorite blogger Saab!



Please help me to be’s featured photographer – blogger this coming July. Please like my post here —-

Thank you very much! Much love from moi!


Nuffnang PH x Hapee x X-Men First Class

Ever since I’ve seen the new X-Men trailer some two months ago, I said to myself that I’d watch it in the big screen (nah, I don’t like 3D, makes me dizzy) because I’ve been an X-Men (myself? LOL if you know what I mean :P) fan since forever! Nuffnang held an online contest, making us to blog something about Nuffnang and event partner Hapee toothpaste. I am HAPEE that I won two tickets to this. Watched it with Ame and I am very thankful for the free movie. Movie ain’t cheap nowadays, so yes, however shallow this may sound, I enjoy free movies. I’d join any contest for free movies!

Free Ice Cream courtesy of Hershey’s.

Lotsa HAPEEness!

Ms. Trixie Esguerra, Blogger Relations Person from Nuffnang Philippines. Very chic and fab!

Mini photowalk of Greenbelt.

Dropped by McDonald’s Ayala Ave. for a quick bite.

Shake Shake Fries!

Following photos by Ame Calix. Such a genius! She likes focusing on details.

Selecta stamp!

Future Collaboration!

Thank you Nuffnang and Hapee!

Please help me!!!!

Joined some contests that need YOUR VOTE! Hehe, so I am asking my sparsely numbered (but all-too-important-to-me) followers to vote for me. Maybe you can join as well too! Here…

Ayala Malls Style Origin Contest (Prize: P10,000) – please vote here, and…

KFC Taste of Summer – Krushers Category (Prize: 3D/2N stay in Coron, Boracay, or Panglao) – please vote here. You kinda have to look for my picture there :)

There you have it, please please please I would really be grateful if you guys vote for me here! I’ll raffle ONE ticket to an island IF I WIN. Well, who you might be, I really hope I win!

Thanks y’all! :) ❤❤❤❤❤

Monochrome Sunday

Life, a heavily complex idea, that like photographs, is an interplay of light and shadow. At any rate, however life may be as blurred and complicated as it gets, life, as we know it, is simple – we live, and someday we die. It’s a simple, uncomplicated one way. All what’s left to ask is: how would you spend it?

Summer Open Shoot: Show your Swagger!

Come one, come all! Block May 7 in your calendar and practice your swagger already! Because it’s gonna be one fun photo shoot for all of us!

For inquiries, contact Alecks Mutuc @ 09163750098 or comment below, and we’ll get back to you!

P.S. Another contest awaits you my readers, and it involves one free pass for this shoot. Stay tuned…