On fueling innovation to move the world

Guy Kawasaki at TedX

Innovation is an important part of the human society. It is why a lot of us have easier lives. It is why we have these technologies helping us get through the day. It is why you’re reading this blog post. It is why I have a job (furrealz). The matter that from my desk at a random cafe here in Manila, I get to cut across this message is an amazing product of innovation.

Where would we be without innovation? I don’t know that is why it is important for us to learn how to innovate ourselves. Personally, I’d like to sit in a round table with great minds to discuss this — given that my job gives way for it hehehe. But seriously, if you have the time, let’s start innovating.

It’s the name of the game nowadays anyway.

Through ideas that rethink the present and breakthroughs that make things better, Globe Telecom is fueling innovation that would move the world.

“At Globe, we believe in innovation. More than that, we believe that we have innovators within our midst. That is why we are gathering employees, vendors and partners to share the newest technological developments through learning sessions and booths for curious minds,” said Pebbles Sy-Manalang, Globe VP for Product Management.

She added: “Innovation happens all around us – from simple pieces of paper to high tech gadgets and gizmos. They all began with a bright idea. But we need action to bring these ideas to fruition.”

Thus, for the month of August, Globe has prepared four major activities that would make employees re-envision their life, namely: Mind Brew Talks, iSpark, Globe City, and Globe Innovation Forum.

Through a relaxed, sit-down café forum, Globe employees learn from top innovators at the Mind Brew Talks. Experts of different fields such as performance artist and corporate trainer Gabe Mercado; news reporter Atom Araullo; creative geeks Tonypet Sarmiento and Jason Drilon; startup founders Terence Lok and Justin Lim of ZAP; and Kalibrr co-founder and CEO Paul Rivera were invited to inspire employees to share their thoughts and ideas and make them realize that there is always a more effective and creative way of doing things.

Globe developer community Globe Labs is likewise, helping employees unleash innovation and break boundaries through iSpark. Similar to international hackathons which Globe Labs organize, iSpark encourages employees to form groups, prepare their hack concept, make it happen, and pitch their app.

To make things more exciting, Globe has created Globe City, a virtual platform where everyone has the opportunity not just to share their ideas but to turn them into reality and earn from it, all in a fun gaming environment.

Fifty learning sessions are also lined up for the Globe Innovation Forum on August 26 by vendors and partners such as Nokia, WSA/Telco Systems, Gemalto, SMSGT, DTQ, Stratpoint, Acision, Teradata, Amdocs, SmartQ, Evolving Systems, Huawei, WSA/TeleDNA, Nominum, and SAS.

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