Cynthia Villar: Apology accepted?

I wish I am speaking from an unemotional state, but I simply cannot. I know this has been an issue weeks ago, but I restrained myself from commenting on it just because. BUT seeing the bigger picture, I shouldn’t be keeping my mouth shut because it is not only the education of nurses are at stake but the education of the whole country.

Do I take Mrs. Villars’s apology? No. I will only accept this if she executes a good job in public service, especially concerning education. While I know that it is human to err, it’s just against my personal judgment to accept this apology. Why, you may ask? It is because I believe this is rooted in a deeper belief of the senatoriable and being asked by ambush just showed her true belief in education.

And let’s not omit that I have been hurt as a registered nurse. You, Mrs. Villar, are a vile, vile human to have degraded our profession.

Ang inutang na salita, hinding hindi mababawi.

Do you take Mrs. Villar’s apology? Let me know your thoughts.

And before you vote, #KnowYourCandidate.

Lifted from here.

In a senatorial forum on GMA News TV on February 23, 2013, economist Solita Monsod asked Villar to explain why, as chairman of the House committee on high education, she opposed the move to close nursing schools that the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) said did not meet minimum requirements to continue operations.
Villar explained that she favored the students who wanted to continue their schooling. CHED, she said, wanted to close the nursing schools because they didn’t have the required tertiary hospitals where the nurses would eventually be trained before they graduate and get their BS Nursing degrees.

This part of Villar’s response became controversial: “Actually, hindi naman kailangan ng nurse na matapos ang BSN (BS Nursing). Kasi itong mga nurses, gusto lang nilang maging room nurse, o sa Amerika o sa other countries, ay mag-aalaga lang sila. Hindi naman kailangan na ganoon sila kagaling. (Nurses don’t actually need to finish BS Nursing. These nurses only want to become a room nurse or caregivers in America or in other countries. They don’t need to be that good.),” Villar said in response.

Cynthia Villar apologized on March 4, 2013 to Filipino nurses who were hurt by her recent statement on the nursing profession.
“Taos-puso po akong humihingi ng paumanhin sa lahat ng mga nurse at kani-kanilang pamilya na labis na nasaktan sa aking kasagutan sa tanong na ibinato sa akin sa isang programa sa TV (I sincerely apologize to all the nurses and their families who were hurt by my response to the question I was asked on TV),” she posted on her Twitter account @cynthia_villar


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4 responses to “Cynthia Villar: Apology accepted?

  1. Perhaps she should have said it focusing on the education rather than degrading the nurses. So do I accept her apology? No. Not a chance that I would. If she could degrade the country’s nurses what more if shes got elected?

    Cliche as it may sound, but If apology is accepted in this country, killing someone and saying sorry would not matter

    Just my thoughts Kuya :D


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