Looking back my experience with the past election, which is my frst voting experience, I really don’t like the way I undergone through. So I swore to my soul that I shall never vote again. Anyway, I’ve turned politically apathetic then, and I barely cared anymore.

But times change, and so are decisions.

I’m still not decided to vote this May. But it doesn’t mean I can’t do something to help my country. I’ve been advocating through this blog that we should be responsible citizens, and for me this is one way, for me so far, to help.

I decided to run an information campaign, if possible, for all candidates for office. I don’t know yet if I can complete it, but let it be known that I am not ENDORSING any candidates. My purpose for this project is to inform and not to endorse. And I hope through this I can help everyone in deciding who to put in office.

And who knows, this may even convince me to vote? Join me as we get to know them!


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