(Spring)-Summer is here!

Well, technically we don’t have Spring in the Philippines. Hence, the parentheses. OC much? Haha!

Anyway. Remember that article, I wrote for altMNL? I’m really glad that two of my favorite indie brands released mats already for their upcoming SS collections. Check them out here —

Salad Day’s back with more candy colors and putting some game to your outfit! Check out the Lisa Punk collection! You can feel the summer in these pieces – with all the color, and not to mention, it really looks comfy to sport. I really like the shorts with the inverted pockets! Thinking to buy…………..

Proud Race is so proud of their dark nature. It’s so dark, it brings light to fashion today! Drawing from the 90’s that inspired them from the very beginning, 1990 Nile is here to put some nine-o-remix to your SS choices. Doesn’t mean it’s summer, you can’t wear black! I particularly liked the symbology print and of course the maxi in everything!

Annnnnnd, these videos are crafted by none other than Judd Figuerres! Really love his work in these brands!

Just a quick post to acknowledge that summer is indeed here… and comes with it is my birth month! Quite excited on the start of my xxth year. Not revealing, hehe! AND IT’S ALREADY HOT OUTSIDE CONSIDERING IT ‘S JUST FEBRUARY. Weather is cray.

Anyway. Among the other things I am starting new with is a new platform for my blabs… Hope yer not too tired yet to hear out what I have to say. Watch out for my new blog — blog.jonverdavid.com! See you there soon!

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