Current mood: The xx

And I know you’re fed up of hearing me ranting about Christmas songs, and the fuss about the holidays. So I won’t bring that up. And here’s a Christmas song actually… But not JUST a Christmas tune, but it’s Last Christmas by The xx!!! Imagine the joy, the yuletide joy, when I found this! It’s sung in a way that it’s not a) too jolly, b) too diva, or c) both; it’s sober but I can feel it’s Christmas! I super love it!

And oh, you guys know also about altMNL, this blog I’m working on with friends. We also came up with Not Just Another Christmas Mixtape. Some tunes to save you from the boredom of the usual you hear (please, don’t even mention the tacky tunes in the local jeepneys. I CANNOT.)

So yeah, it’s just so happppppyyyyyy to put this on repeat. Best with someone to hug or a hot cup of cocoa, but yeah I don’t have the former. Hi, hot cocoa. Warm me up. I’ll stop talking to myself already. Enjoy the holiday break, guys!

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