altMNL presents: Top Ten Midnight Mercato Musts

It’s 12AM – you’re in the city after a hard day’s work, or maybe it’s your lunchtime, or maybe the barkada hanged around a little bit too much and now you’re out-of-your-wits hungry. Tired of the usual 24-hour places, you scour the city for something more filling, something more affordable, and something new to the senses. There’s no other place that will satisfy your (or your crazy barkada’s) need at this time of the day better than the midnight market.

But lets face it: it can be quite a challenge (and a little tiring) to go through all the stalls to find out what’s hot and what’s not. Fear not, awesome readers! Your ALTteam is here to bring you the top 10 bites from Midnight Mercato and Mezza Norte: two of the metro’s jampacked midnight markets.

Read on and you can thank us later!


You guys!! It’s my first article on our new blog altMNL. Hope you can drop by for a visit! Thank you so much!!

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