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Here we go, 2013!!!

Illustration by Rob Cham

Wow, it’s already 2013 in a few hours. And I thought I’m gonna wake up it’s the new year already… Been catching up with some zzzz, trying to fix my body clock, when obviously I can’t. Anyway. I’ll keep this new year message short and sweet. (I was too tired last Christmas to even drop a line, sorry guys)

Anyway, the first half of my 2012 was just simple. Starting out in a start up company with friends, taking a couple of projects left and right, and taking whatever I could take just to add up to what would be my measly income. I am happy the way it was. Its simplicity, its just being right and ample. Still got some time to blog… Most of my fond memories, I think, this year would be at the first half of the year.

Fast forward to the second half. Projects doubled, so as what I’m earning. Switched to freelance, and now I’m maintaining a number of clients. I kinda lost time for my blog. And I kinda miss it. I think I kinda dedicated a blog post for that. Though I’m starting out another one with a few friends. And for myself as well. I couldn’t place my schedule well in most times. A day, with its 24 hours couldn’t be just enough. Oh, let’s not forget I got my heart broken twice this year. In a row. In the second half. And that was a whammy. I think I kinda self-destructed a number if times. I’m not even gonna hide it… Went to my friends’ place drunk, smoked up, and just wasted. There were times that I just wouldn’t go home, and I was tempted to stay at the streets, walking, just to think and clear my mind.

I just wanted to go away. Always to go away. Escape the city for a couple of days only to find myself wanting to go away again the moment I arrive the city. I’m always tired and hungry for sleep, and I am hating sleep already ’cause it’s eating up all my time. I don’t wanna need rest. And it really feels like college only now, I can’t screw up.

I know I make it feel like I’m living the life here in my blog. I am though. I do live my life how I want it. My mistake though is that I forgot that I am not free to choose the consequences. If you ask me, I do not have a fucking idea how 2013 will be. I have plans, but I’d rather keep them to myself for now. It is yet again uncertainty that bothers me and at the same time excites the whole of me. It is, however, adult life which makes it all dark and twisted, and God knows, depressing.

2012 is a wildcard. But I am thankful to everything that happened with people I met, people I’ve worked with, been working with, people who believed in me, people who saw my potential, people who took the high road and became patient with me, people who were there when I was at my lowest, people who never left me. People who I will be spending 2013 with. Bottomline is we couldn’t have done all these, these capsule of memory we would now call 2012, without the ups and downs. So to that we raise our glasses, and puff our smokes. Cheers, 2012. And hello, 2013!!!

And let’s give back to God all the glory for a whirlwind rollercoaster ride that is 2012.

Here’s to another rollercoaster ride,

Current mood: The xx

And I know you’re fed up of hearing me ranting about Christmas songs, and the fuss about the holidays. So I won’t bring that up. And here’s a Christmas song actually… But not JUST a Christmas tune, but it’s Last Christmas by The xx!!! Imagine the joy, the yuletide joy, when I found this! It’s sung in a way that it’s not a) too jolly, b) too diva, or c) both; it’s sober but I can feel it’s Christmas! I super love it!

And oh, you guys know also about altMNL, this blog I’m working on with friends. We also came up with Not Just Another Christmas Mixtape. Some tunes to save you from the boredom of the usual you hear (please, don’t even mention the tacky tunes in the local jeepneys. I CANNOT.)

So yeah, it’s just so happppppyyyyyy to put this on repeat. Best with someone to hug or a hot cup of cocoa, but yeah I don’t have the former. Hi, hot cocoa. Warm me up. I’ll stop talking to myself already. Enjoy the holiday break, guys!

12 Days: Apple playing Santa!


And it’s here… Finally it’s Christmas in five days. Come to think of it, I still haven’t posted about my Annual Holiday Wishlist… Soon, though. But Apple looks like they figured out what you want with the 12 Days App! I dunno though why it starts on December 26 rather than the 13th, but who cares? It still is free apps/music/who knows what from everybody’s no-longer-secret Santa!

So if I were you before the servers get crammed, go download it now. And let’s all have a happy holidays!


For now, they’re giving away Rod Stewart’s music video of Let It Snow! If it’s your thing, then go figure. Y’all know how I feel about Christmas tunes… So yeah. Hahahaha!

Current mood: William Fitzsimmons

And there are, and will be, moments in life that we will have to say, no matter how we don’t want to, these words by Mr. Fitzsimmons (hey I like how his surname sound). I won’t go there though. I guess a couple of blog posts about him is enough. I was hurt, but it’s not that I am not ready for a no. What hurt is how his message came to me. I think nobody deserves that, and for that… I think, this is goodbye… even though I don’t want to.

I think I gave him way too much credit. But hurting me that way proved to me that I’m better off just friends with you… if he talks to me ever again, that is. For now, this is goodbye.

And I cry myself to sleep
And you thought I was happy
I was lonely
Had nowhere to go

Run for your lives! Or not.

There’s roughly more than a week left before the Mayans’ prediction of doomsday. Are you scared? Or do you find it funny? Whether it’s true or not, if we can’t do anything about it then here are 12 things you can do to end 2012… Or the world, whichever comes first.

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I know, those are 12 things you can do before the world ends, and it kinda ends in two days. HAHA! So yeah, to not miss out on our new blog, subscribe, subscribe! Anyway, please read my article and find some cool stuff to do before the world reels back to Year 0. Happy End of the World, everyone!

Living Organized

UPDATE: Living Organized app is NOW FREE in iOS until Jan. 2, 2013 and also at the Google Play Store for an indefinite time! Go download now :)

Dec 7, 2012, 4:47 AM

And it’s the most wonderful time of the year… You can sing all the songs about Christmas but you ain’t denyin’ that it is the busiest, single most hectic month of the year. Your boss rings your phone every five minutes, your dad, or mom, or both needs a couple of your advice for this gift, and you still need to plan that fucking Christmas/New Year/Reunion party. You don’t wanna end up being the haggard fag on your party that’s why you need an app to aid you in your schedule gone wild.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:44 AM

And my choice of schedule-that-shit app is Living Organized. I got this for free during Black Friday, and it’s been keeping my schedule tame for around two-three weeks already… I’m about to tell you how it works… First, let’s remember that it requires you to make an account online so your schedule is backed up on cloud, and a passcode to make it secure.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:44 AM

The interface is quite simple. You can enter your to-do’s at TASKS, personal data at VAULT, tick off your CHECKLISTS, upload important FILES, record your daily EXPENSES, Aand even create a day-to-day DIARY. A unique function of this app is that you can share content to partners. But it kinda requires payment… ‘Round 99 cents.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:49 AM

In the Tasks tab, you can indicate your task and assign people, or share to partners, complete with date, time, and location. It also syncs with your calendar so Living Organized can alert you.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:49 AM

Same goes with the Vault and Files tab. Every information you add can be shared to partners. Isn’tit convenient.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:49 AM

Dec 5, 2012, 11:49 AM

Same goes with Expenses. You can input your expenses with description, timestamp, and location.

Dec 5, 2012, 11:49 AM

What else? Of course we have the Diary app which helps you keep track of your day in the personal basis!

In summary, here’s how the Living Organized can help you :)

Living Organized is available in the App Store for $9.99, but I got it for free! Heard also, that it’s coming soon to Android! If it weren’t free, I would’ve bought it still just because I can do so much with it…

And there’s no hassle planning that holiday whatnot party. Or any party for that matter. Don’t be the stressed party planner who never enjoys his/her own party! And to think, it’s more than party planning… You can now have a one-stop tool to manage your schedule :)

Of course, even better, ’cause they use cloud backup, it’s even more effective with Globe Mobile Data Services! Click here to know more about their data plans and promos.

Happy Holidays everyone!

MTV EXIT: Jason Mraz


You can’t imagine the smile in my face when I received an email from our friends at MTV Asia – Singapore about yet another MTV EXIT stint by Jason Mraz. If you could remember, Mraz also did the same thing here in Manila when he had his concert last year. Now it’s Myanmar’s turn to be serenaded by our lovely bohemian lover of life, and get educated about human trafficking. More of this after the jump!

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Oct 7, 2012, 8:34 PM

So recently, it’s been my iPad, music, coffee, and smokes. I don’t even want to justify my habits now, but this is what’s keeping me sane. For now. Especially with all the stresses of daily adult life. I remember once, when I was in college, when my clinical instructor pushed my (ok, you wanna gulp deep before you read the next words) forearm deep down the uterus of a mother who just gave birth to clean it. It’s so warm and fuzzy in there, why would anyone want to go out and grow up?

‘Cause I guess we all have to.

Sep 29, 2012, 10:39 PM

And so, maybe you’ve noticed the hiatus. Slight, maybe. But I miss the old times, when I can blog everyday, and share what has been my day about or this cool thing I just found, or you know just letting out some steam. I miss it. It kills me that I go home (or somebody else’s I’m crashing at) too tired to open even the WordPress app to write a few. I wish I could go back to college for a lot of reasons. One, you obviously know the dilemma. And two, because I damn well miss blogging like there’s no exams tomorrow.

Oct 1, 2012, 6:37 AM

But life happened. And we just continue. A guy I really love once told me that if life throws shit on you, you pick it up and throw it back, and be proud of your dirty hands. That’s what I’m doing now. My eyes are drooping and God knows how many times I hit backspace because I kept on typing misspelled words. But I am pushing all boundaries, and even myself to do this.

Because I love what I’m doing. Because this is who I am, I guess. And because I owe so much to this blog, I won’t want this to be just another project I started.

Life happened. But love is stronger.



I ain’t jokin’ when I told you BLACK is my favorite color. On anything. Coke zero is black. Marlboro black is, well, black. I have mostly black fashion pieces I can qualify as a goth. Less emo, please. AND I WOULD TOTALLY DIG GLOBE TATTOO BLACK.

LTE is finally within our reach, and I am proud to be a Globe subscriber, that it’s the first of its kind here in the country!!! Read on for more details, and how you can score exlcusive tickets to the hottest DJ parties in town!

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Happy Birthday, Ella!

Dec 2, 2012, 2:27 PM

Last weekend, two of my best college friends and I went to a short-notice, unplanned Tagaytay roadtrip. So understood that I had my Friday full to the brim with events and stuff to do, I still pushed through with the trip in ol’ fashioned Jonver style – zero sleep, 100% caffeine. It was worth the trip, especially it was Ella’s birthday and we really wanted to do something crazy. And it’s Ella’s only day off from the hospital (she’s a nurse at St. Luke’s) so Hanna and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to celebrate.

Dec 2, 2012, 2:32 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:31 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:30 PM

Dec 2, 2012, 2:28 PM

The clouds were so lovely that day, and even if my palpitations still haunt me up to this day, I’d still say it was a nice day. I wish to be back there with someone special who’s not currently talking to me :(

Okay, this is Ella’s moment. No spoiling that. Happy birthday again Ella! To more roadtrips!!!

And Hanna, please upload our Dawson’s Creek inspired photos. Pretty pleeeeeeeease?? Hehe :)