I’d sing you a thousand songs

If I could play a guitar and sing you a song, I’d pick on up and sing you a thousand songs. Somewhere really offbeat; unplugged guitar, me and you, and maybe some of that special pasta you make; I’ll sing to you. Songs that remind me of you, that remind me why these feelings for you won’t ever go away. Songs that melt my heart hoping to make yours do too. I’d say under the stars, but maybe that’s too cheesy, it really doesn’t matter. I just need you to be there to listen to a romantic’s way of telling he loves you.

Strumming, plucking, with callous fingers; reaching notes no matter how high, to the top of my lungs, even if I grasp for air, just for you, just to tell you how much I love you. I’d sing you songs everyday, I’d sing from my heart, I’d sing you my love.

But now, my voice is raspy with all the smoke I burn it with. And my fingers can’t even make a decent score out of guitar hero. All I got are words to serenade you silently in its entirety.

I’d sing you a thousand loves songs in my head instead… or you could just look at my Twitter account.

Love you.

First published on Tumblr

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