Daily Archives: September 3, 2012

Celebrations means…

ALCOHOL! Well, for the sober lots of food. But for us, izz beer!

I am not the biggest beer drinker there is (I know, sucha wuss) but thanks to friends who seem to have a knack for victimizing me for beer bong, I finally acquired the taste for it. My favorite beer would be the apple-flavored one and strong ice variants…

And so, as San Miguel Corporation launched their newest marketing slash corporate social responsibility program (a month ago, actually, oops this is part of the backlog list on steroids) it advocates to promote tourism through featuring local, major and minor, fiestas around the country! Get ready as SMB will be there from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao!

Along with this, they launch a new website too which tells more about this program, and has advanced features when you register. You get to access the BEER LOCATOR, which pretty does what it’s named (#sabaw) and the ITINERARY PLANNER which helps you plan a trip to wherever in the 7,107 islands of the Philippines!

For more information, you may log on to (and do register, too!) at http://smb7107celebrations.com.ph/