Daily Archives: August 31, 2012

Note to self

Okay, so I’m swimming in backlogs and to be frank, I don’t even lug my camera around na (nyaggard!) I kinda miss the old times when I still have the strength time diligence… and motivation to bring it everyday, just in case something comes up. To be frank again, I’m becoming lazy and complacent.

Well, it’s not bad with my other life though. I’ve been working hard left and right (I’d really love to write about what I do aside from blogging, but that deserves another post) and it’s been pretty neat at the other side. Reading the blogs I follow, which are managed by people way too busier than me, I cannot really justify my backlog list on steroids.

What’s my point here? I really don’t know. I’m outta sleep, smoked up, and hungry with no appetite now and all I really wanna do is to write what’s in my head right now. Oh that’s right, I remember. I want to tell you (and myself) that big things are coming in my life, and that will require me to be, at the least, ready to take in big things.

You know what they say, don’t bite more than you can chew.

People out there are way too busier, and I won’t stop trying until I’m as busy and productive as them.

*clinks glass, puffs smoke*

Current Mood: The Cab

When we talk about The Cab, all I can remember is RX DJ Nikita who cannot seem to stop talking about the band. And yeah, guess where I heard this song? You’re right, at RX93.1 while Nikita is in the booth. Told ‘ya she can’t stop spazzing about them. Too bad though I wasn’t able to watch them when they went here a few months ago.

Oh, happy birthday to that person who makes me happy even if he doesn’t know it. This song is for you. I hope you read this ❤

What would you do if I tell you that I la la la love you?