Daily Archives: August 3, 2012

Meet Andrew, the BB 9320

Sorry for the lack of creative process in naming my new phone… It’s such a no-brainer to name him after my Andrew Garfield, hihi. Oh shoot, now you know my password for this phone’s amazing wi-fi hotspot feature. Teehee!

I was supposed to do an official unboxing of my new phone but I got ahead of myself and was so excited to see it running. Hihi. AND IT WAS JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I am a full-pledged BlackBerry user for three years now and even though all those news about RIM closing and shit, I won’t even try to deny that I love my BlackBerry phones. Now with higher resolutions and faster processors, they’re still that no fuss, no frills, and no nonsense smartphone that I love. It does the job for me, and I can even type without looking at the phone!

And I got it for a good deal! I upgraded my plan from Globe Telecom’s BlackBerry Plans and received the phone as a loyalty reward. Really really thankful to Globe!

My favorite feature from this new Curve model is the wi-fi mobile hotspot capability which can share connection to up to 5 devices. Believe me for community managers on the go like me, this could come in handy. Especially for some transition I am entering now — which deserves another blog post, really.

One drawback to this though is they really have to have heavy duty batteries. With my internet running 24/7, it’ll be much better if I don’t have to plug Andrew for at least twice a day.

What do you think?

* All photos from Google