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Norwegian morning Wood

Pardon the title, hihi. But if you watched this film, I think you pretty much know it’s appropriate. Heh.

But I’ve been hearing a lot since Norwegian Wood was released last year. I purposely scheduled myself to watch it, but everytime I had a chance to, something would come up or I’d be diverted to another film (yes, friends, the pains of being a self-diagnosed ADHD kid.)

When finally I sat down to watch it, thanks to the single best gift of internet – torrent, I had to divide watching it into three nights. I deny that it was from boredom but I think it was because the storytelling was so intensely peaceful and chaotic all at the same time. I had become tired of feeling and thinking alternately and what had become of my consciousness is not a result of the slow pacing, others may have described boring, and what is to me carefully calculated filmmaking.

I have not watched much films to compare or to even prove that this film is good, but what I do know is that it speaks – one thing I always look for in a film. Not necessarily to relate but I need a film to speak – to me or for me – to be able to come across a barrier and finally inject – an inception – the idea, the story, the moral. Norwegian Wood in every touch point, for me, managed to speak to my soul, that thinking and feeling happen at the same time and renders one tired.

If it’s boredom, I think, I wouldn’t even have the slightest wakefulness to last this review.

Uh-mazing Spider-man swung and got my heart

Well, actually, Andrew Garfield did! ❤

I even changed my Twitter surname. Yes, in my perfect world, I married him.

Serious talk though, there are absolute three blasphemous things to say about this film, and these are:

  • Is that Mary Jane? (I CANNOT.),
  • OMG why is she blond? (srlsy do research sometimes),
  • I don’t get it, why did Emma (can’t even remember it’s GWEN!) smile in the end? (WE. DIED.)

Mind you, we heard those from people IN the cinema. Egad, the shock in our faces cannot be concealed by the longest face ever.

I will not even pretend that I am a big superhero slash comic book junkie. I am serious when I told people I am watching this because mi husbando Andy is playing the abso-fucking-lutely amazing Spidey boy (lol, is this blasphemous too?) BUT didn’t the trailers make it pretty obvious this isn’t the same Spidey? I think that’s the point of filming it the second time around, ’cause they have something new? And it really doesn’t hurt to do some research, really. Befriend the internet, puh-lease. I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT WE HEARD WAS REAL. Seriously, izzo stupid.

Nonetheless, I’ve seen it twice, and I really recommend you go to the nearest cinema if you haven’t. I mean, aside from the adorkable killer smile and piercing glances from my boy Andrew, he shared good chemistry with Emma Stone – who btw I absolutely forgive already having an affair with him while shooting. HAHA! 

I just think that, as with some movies I’ve seen lately, there are lapses in transition, which really doesn’t help to communicate the emotion. It’s especially observed when Uncle Ben was shot and they didn’t even transitioned Peter’s change of mood smoothly. Other than that, I think it’s an uh-mazing movie. Putting amazing in the title was appropriate.

So I think that’s all. I really am tired from this day, though I hardly done anything because it was raining so hard. So…

Andy, come let’s sleep hihi :)



One Bookworm-y Saturday


It’s been almost two weeks since we held the very first Bookworm Brigade bookswap + bookdrive at Moonleaf Maginhawam, and I am still overwhelmed of what we were able to do – gather books and book lovers and share it with each other. I’m glad that a lot were commending what we did but little did they know that it just really began with a tweet.




The untold story was Cariza, Jonard and I were just tweeting, actually ranting, how we are out of books and cash and how we want to read more books. We initially thought of swapping books. But then we thought we could bring some more friends over, until the event page was made. Long story cut short, the event grew bigger and next time we know we’re  facing piles and piles of books at Moonleaf Maginhawa. STILL. OVERWHELMING. FOR. ME.




DSC_0436Goofing around while manning our makeshift nooks :)

DSC_0441Team DGNTY dropped some books as well. Thanksies girls!


I really promise, we’ll do it longer next time! A lot were tweeting that they weren’t able to drop by because we packed up just before 5pm! It’s because some of us were heading to Makati to Mashable Social Media Day! I really make it a point to head over there to show my support to my friends who organized it.




When will be the next Bookworm Brigade? I really don’t know. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d have it monthly. But let’s see where this will lead us. I’m just really glad that people appreciated what we did, and I really think my team deserves pats-on-the-back… and a SPIDER-MAN MOVIE!

Cariza, Jonard, if you’re reading this. Thank you and see you on Saturday for that movie date! Teehee!

Her name is Onika you can call her Nicki


Just met Nicki Minaj earlier today and it was awesome (I love her leggings!!!) though I was a bit a late. Thanks to our friends from STATUS Magazine who took a picture and posted it immediately at their blog (you guys are soooo awesome!) Didn’t bring my big-ass DSLR camera because I don’t wanna leave it in the baggage counter later at the concert area. I seriously need a smaller camera and/or a new phone. Hihi :P

Now I’m just killing time and waiting for her concert later at the MOA arena. Who’s watching later? See you there!

P.S. I still don’t have shiny leggings. I suck at shopping for these kinda things. Where do I get some? :(

Thanks to Globe and BlackBerry Philippines!


And I shall leave you to this song, ’cause frankly, this is what makes us girls… Happy Gay Pride everyday!!!

Photos by Karla Ynzon

Globe Tatt Awards Night

DSC_0323Really felt special when they sent my ticket to the office. And izzo pretty!

DSC_0361Keynote speaker Gang Badoy

DSC_0363Stylisimo finalist Divine Lee, who called me fierce that night – kinilig lang ako haha

DSC_0365Chuckie, Yen, and Kring

DSC_0366Team Globe reprezent!


DSC_0370What even more special was the menu was made by Margarita Fores of Cibo di M! Couldn’t pass up the opportunity for this!

DSC_0372Visualizer finalist Nina Sandejas – I really love your hair, qurl!

DSC_0373Visualizer winner, 1/2 of EWWS, Garovs Garovillo




DSC_0378Mini Timballo “Al Forno”: baked rectangular dome penne pasta, grilled melanzane, organic Negros mozarella with zucchine, Philippine ham, pink tomato cream and pesto drizzle

DSC_0380Halibut in “Cartoccio”: fennel & Onion confit, Sagada orange, Tagaytay haricot vert



DSC_0391The highlight of my night: watching last year’s Indie Rocker Up Dharma Down! I still get kilig!!!! And they played new songs… I can’t wait for their new album!


We have to give it to Globe for having the best nights ever! That night when they awarded the raddest rockstar of the Philippine online world (where basically all of us are citizens) all the raddest netizens (syempre kame din, rad chos!) came and lauded these personalities which made an impact on their chosen fields of influences. I am so honored that I have been invited to witness this [online] historical moment, though admittedly some of the winners are not my bets. BUT HEY! Congrats to them. Maybe next your me and you can be the next American Idol! Ay mali, I mean… The raddest of them all!

  • Stylisimo – Cecile Van Straten (
  • #ThoughtMover – Kimpoy Feliciano (@kimpoyfeliciano)
  • Video Slinger Award – Real-life couple Jamyhille and Paolinne Michelle, more popularly known as JAMICH (
  • The Visualizer – Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garovillo, of Everywhere we Shoot (
  • The Advocate – PAWS (
  • Indie Rocker – Gloc-9 (
  • The Explorer – Bogart The Explorer (
  • Game Changer – Jinoe Gavan of
  • Tech Junkie – Jason de Villa, of

Spicing up this year’s Tatt Awards is the string of special awards:
Trending superstars Gandang Gabi Vice of Vice Ganda won the award for #Trending TV; Chico, Dela Mar and Gino Quillamor of Morning Rush for #Trending Radio and Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Buern Rodriguez and Divine Lee of Becky Nights for #Trending Podcast.

Singer-actress Julie Anne San Jose was also a big winner at the Tatt Awards receiving the People’s Choice Award and Trending Personality. GMA-7’s Think Before You Click Campaign received the Safe Surfer Award for their advocacy towards responsible internet usage. The award was received by Howie Severino, Editor in Chief of GMA News Online.

Receiving the Freshest Award are Robbie Becroft ( and foodie blogger while The Prodigy Award went to teen YouTube crooner Luigi Yotoko.

Current mood: The Killers

Listen to Runaways by The Killers here. I wish I could find a video, but it’s just upcoming with their new album! 

Thanks to my forever mixtape sister, Cariza, for sharing this!

Penshoppe top, Thrifted draped vest, Paolo Raymundo jacket used as cape, M+P+E drop crotch pants, Reebok sneakers

Well hello there! Things got so busy lately, and I’ve still so many stuff to share with all of you (BACKLOG ALERT!) But for now, here I am with what I wore at the Preview Ball. It’s so not ball-ish because the theme is athletic chic. Apologies for the semi-haggard face, I juggled three events that day with the first starting at 4:30am, and running on barely-an-hour sleep! Go figure! But all was good, really enjoyed! And I think I kinda recovered already…

And because we live in the Pacific Ocean, we still have to wait until tomorrow for the official release of Runaways by The Killers! It’s really a good song, and I can’t stop listening to this leaked copy (lolz forgive my inner pirate, ayrrr!) Also, as with all the songs I like, it speaks of one thing I always think of doing —

Just run away.

STATUS x Moonleaf x Maroon 5





But before we even start with what went with STATUS Magazine‘s amazing tea party with Moonleaf Tea Shop, meet two of my pretty friends – Thysz and Julianna

DSC_0336Moonleaf’s Wintermelon Milk Tea…

DSC_0338…and STATUS for everyone! ADAM LEVINE ON THE COVER!




DSC_0342I love the carpeted lounge section in the STATUS HQ! Every office should totally have one IMHO



I cannot stop spazzing over Adam on the cover!! Best thing evar



DSC_0349And this bookmark, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay



And by far the best part of their room (well, aside from the lounge, haha)


It was really fun hanging out with everyone at the STATUS HQ! What more fun is to have Wintermelon Milk Tea to sweeten this hangout. And there’s Adam Levine at the cover – more than enough!

And playing Rolling in the Deep – Trip to Jerusalem a la STATUS Magazine!


Thrifted vest-dress, and military boots

Thank you STATUS!
I love you :)

Iya and Anya says, “Why Not?”

…and so the most adventurous girls we’re already announced and they are cheerleaders Iya Acuna and Anya Ong! Watch their audition above and find out why they’re the “Why Not?” girls!




Congratulations Iya and Anya for winning P500 grand… and the chance to embark into an adventure of a lifetime. I really do wonder though if my best friend Hanna and I tried out (just hypothetically, I was a girl) will we be able to win? HAHA!





Follow Rexona Philippines and keep track of Iya and Anya’s adventures here.

AKG x Quincy Jones

DSC_0286Thank you AKG Philippines for my new earphones, they’re so comfy, my ears are pampered :)



DSC_0292I hope I looked this cute when listening to music, rather than looking like wazak haha






Each one is a blend of sophisticated design and perfect sound exactly what you’d expect from one of the most gifted, successful and admired music icons the world has ever heard.




Another picky (and a big fan of music) earphone user, my friend Hanna, approves AKG!




Last week, AKG Philippines launched special earphones in tribute to the man behind Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, carrying an absolutely sleek design and as always the sound we always expect from AKG. I was one of the few firsts to test these babies and being a picky earphone user myself, I’d conclude it’s a bed for ears out there.

Image - Q350 Green (Group View on white 01)

Q460 white (3D View on white 01)

Low Res Q701 Group White Background

To know more about AKG Philippines, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!