Quick Giveaway c/o Rexona Philippines!

Y’all know I’m a big supporter of these two girls, so we’re now doing a quick giveaway! And it’s just easy… Just watch the two girls in action and answer this simple question:

If you are Iya and Anya, how will you do the challenge with more confidence?

If you are as confident as Iya and Anya, comment below with your answer, and the most confident answer will win a P1000 gift pack from Rexona Philippines! Winner will be announced on Monday, so better start watching NOW!

8 responses to “Quick Giveaway c/o Rexona Philippines!

  1. First I’ll do proper warm up to keep my muscle up, & i’ll listen carefully to the trainer so i can catch all the tips. On the challenge itself I will do my best & keep proper posture to avoid injuries, I believe i can do this challenge just like iya & anya, I believe i can do everything if i wanted to & if i put trust to the Lord.. also just by thinking that i can be with the Philippine Dragon Boat team is such a big pleasure.

  2. christine batiller

    it looks like a game between two teams so i will do my best so that my team will win.

  3. If I’m Iya and Anya, i will you do the challenge with more confidence, I will face the challenge head on even though I don’t have any experienced about dragon boat and despite the fact that it seems like it threatening me (ha, ha, ha) because to tell you frankly I’m afraid riding on a boat esp. on a deep water.. I’m afraid the boat might out of balance and i will fall in the water…… , , BUT to do it with confidence i will first formulate a plan of action, and move toward the challenge. and of course i will believe in myself…FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    BUT if things don’t go well, i still get a rush of joy from having done something courageous. I will get the feeling of “I did it! I did that thing that I was afraid to do.”

  4. Annamie Almazan

    If I were Iya and Anya, doing that kind of challenge I will enjoy every paddling or stroke i’ve done. Dragonboat is not just simple water sports, it is a team sport that need’s a team spirit and confidence to your self..

  5. Joining the Dragon boat team is not that easy therefore you have to be persevere and determined to do that. If I have a chance doing that challenge? I’ve better set myself with more confidence by telling to myself that I CAN DO IT NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. I will do what needs to be done. To achieve the goal, I will always be ready to face adversity as a necessary obstacle to overcome. I will set my heart and mind to become a successful challenger. I love adventure, therefore I really want to try it and as another experience that I will be adding in my adventurous life. :D

  6. If I will be given a chance to be with the dragon boat team i will give my best so i can do the challenge well. to do it first i need to make my self comfortable with them so there would be no “hiya” moments, i’ll introduce my self to them & ask for some tips & of course i’ll ask them to share some of their experiences when they are in the games. with that simple talk i can make my self at ease with them so on the challenge i know i can make it just how they do it i can shout just like them i can laugh just like them i can make my self feel that i’m really one of them, & i should never forget that i should believe in myself. & of course i’ll enjoy the moment that i’m with the dragon boat team.

  7. If you are Iya and Anya, how will you do the challenge with more confidence?

    Like Anya and Iya, I would like to consider myself as a cheerleader (who got bruises and fall from all the liftings back then but stood up). Luckily, I am a water lover! I loooooove being in the water for it lifts my confidence. With that I might as well let the Dragon Boat team cheer with me by teaching them the basics of “Jam Jam Jam! Sisbumba! With Rexona she can paddle NG BONGGA!” I know the feeling of having people cheer and support you. Having THE DRAGON BOAT TEAM cheer for me will definitely lift my confidence from deep level of waters to high level of heavens!

  8. Since we’re both from the ANGKAN NG MATATAPANG NA ISKO AND ISKA, no challenge is worth the giveup no matter what! :)

    There are plethora of ways that we can exude that prime confidence in ANY specific task. For that dragonboat challenge, nothing is more confident than to provide a good chime or cheer while doing the rowing all but the same time in complete harmony and chic attitude. WHY NOT? Since they are cheerdancers/ successful dragonboat rowers this time around… nothing could be cooler than to show the complete synergy between those two physically demanding yet truly rewarding task.

    I have watched all their challenges in Youtube and I am way impressed. They are both A+… deserving sa grade na UNO tong mga bata sa classcard! Check! :)

    FIGHT! WHY NOT? (^_^)

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