I shall admit that I was never an Alcatel boy. I had the Siemens cutesy phone when I was in grade school, Nokia colored phone craze (thanks to my high school peer pressures), then switched to and from Samsung and Nokia in the span of my college years, then finally stuck with a BlackBerry. But it was never an Alcatel.


However, after seeing these photos, I can’t resist but to say how sexy and glam they are and how I wanna try them. Not joking even, I hope they’re as functional as how good they look as they are powered by no less than Android OS.


I don’t know about you, but I cannot manage more than one phone so I prefer to do all my transactions in just one unit. It drives me crazy when I have to switch from one to another. Gladly these new phones from Alcatel One Touch are Dual SIM-capable and gives you the power of two phones!

995_CompositionSapphire 995

And if screen size is an issue for you, they got it covered with these tablet-like editions. Make no mistake as each are still powered by Android OS combined with what seems good CPU, so it may be as good as your favorite Tab.

991DOne Touch 991D

GIN MIX one touch MIX 2012 02 03-10-6Glory 918N

And who does not live now without breathing 3G connection? Each unit are capable of 3G mobile connection, so you can stay in touch 24/7 with… well y’all know what network I use – go figure!

916One Touch 916D

With all these features, there’s only one left to be done – try it. *ehem, ehem* I hope I get to try it one of these days. Let’s see if this can make a convert out of me :)

ONE_TOUCH_918_Pure white_Specail_Front_V1.0One Touch 918


The young and vibrant brand ambassadors of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH.Chris TiuChris Tiu with the Alcatel One Touch Sapphire

For more information, you can log on to their website, Facebook, and Twitter!

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