We’ll miss you Master Panda!



Last night, my friend and former boss Jen a.k.a. Master Panda of the funky fresh brand Punchdrunk Panda flew for Cambodia to start her life-changing trip of a lifetime, which obviously everyone was envious for, haha. Anyway, so we’re pretty  sure we’re gonna miss our favorite panda, so the Apprentice Panda set up a supposed-to-be-small-turned-feast of a despedida for her!


Just look at that spread, and it wasn’t even the half of everything! We bought all kinds of vegetarian-friendly foodam and Karlo, the Panda Boyfriend, brought FOUR FREAKING BIG BOXES OF BROOKLYN PIZZA! There’s no way Jen couldn’t have guessed we’re throwing a party for her… we were excited pa naman  to see her cry, teehee!

[There used to be a really pretty picture of Nica haha with that caption below]
Dalagang Pilipina smile

DSC_0222Monopoly Deal-ing before the panda touches down


[There used to be a surprised photo of Jen’s face. Hahaha, oo na mej troll ako]
Jen’s pseudo-surprised face


Nica was in charge of the food, Karlo with the guests and more food (yay!) and my broke self with the venue (working with Moonleaf has its perks, really!) We hijacked four tables and it wasn’t even enough. So much for a small gathering, hehe. So glad though Jen’s friends had the time to drop by even though it was pouring outside!



DSC_0228Pizza, anyone? There’s plenty for everyone!





DSC_0240I love nori crackers…. must buy soon!






DSC_0250Once a PdP girl, always one.



DSC_0259We bet Karlo secretly cried in the bathroom, haha!

But the Master Panda, a.k.a. the Nomad Manager, will not be really far away if you know what I mean! Keep tuned in her travel antics as she blogs along the way! Be sure to put her in your RSS reader or follow her @nomadmanager on Twitter!

Take care always Jen, and always always always remember we will always look  forward to seeing you again when you come back! Bring some panda-wesome (maipilit lang, haha!) stories with you :)

…and some Ceylon tea, please? Just kiddin’ :P

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