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Binalot now at Multiply.com!


It’s the rainy season already, and I admit skipping meals (YES, I HAVE THOSE DAYS, stop looking at my love handles) because I’m so lazy to go out and buy food. I can’t live on McChicken Nuggets and Iced Coffee alone (though, I love nuggets.) So in times of desperation and utter craving for your Filipino food favorites, there’s Binalot on Multiply!




Finally, Filipino food is at your fingertips! Utilizing Multiply’s convenient shopping features, Binalot has partnered with the online shopping brand to bring a taste of home at your doorstep.



Ordering is just so simple! Just follow these hassle-free steps:

  • Select PRODUCT from the MENU list
  • Choose the QUANTITY and click  the BUY NOW tab
  • Put DATE/TIME of delivery in the COMMENTS BOX
  • Wait for our call to confirm your order


DSC_0215All my Binalot favorites!!! I must admit they have the best tapa in town!

no bones daing na bangus

bistek walastik

Okay, those last two pictures must have stirred your appetite! Go order now at http://binalot.multiply.com!

Current mood: Young the Giant

I’m still on massive hangovers from 1.) Gay Pride Party shit cray courtesy of the Panty Monsters (blogging pictures soon, haha) and 2.) the humble success of our little bookdrive, The Bookworm Brigade at Moonleaf Maginhawa…

Didn’t really expect to see a lot of new faces. Honestly, I wasn’t confident enough that we got the word out enough, but judging from the crowd and how books piled titles after titles, I think Jonard, Cariza and I had done a pretty good job! Also some of the people who went were really glad and were asking us to collaborate with them on next ones… I haven’t put much thought about it, but it’d be really fun if we can do this again!

I got to let go some of my beloved books my measly high school allowance could buy. Now I have new babies to read! I AM SO HAPPY!

Time to start reading!! I’m just finishing Pictures of Hollis Woods, and a couple magazines, then maybe I’m off to start Lord of the Flies by William Golding… I can’t wait already!

Tomato chambray shirt, Stereotyped graphic tee, Hang Ten shorts, Tomato mustard sneakers

And I am just very grateful because everything was a-ok! That me and my team were able to pull it off. I’m happy about that. Though, really, emotionally I am still… not. But that’s not the point. I guess you can’t have everything (as I always end up saying.) I guess that’s how it goes. Life always has reasons to fuck us all. Life’s pretty damn short though. And why spend it on caring anyway?

Life ‘s too short to even care at all…
One  more spoon of cough syrup now…

So I won’t.