Friday Night High

I seriously loooooooooooooooooove Village Tavern at The Fort! I think it’s one of the best new places in town.


DSC_0030Pita sandwiches

DSC_0032Sweet Potato Fries. Seriously and sinfully delicious!


This smoked bacon flatbread pizza is one of the BEST pizzas I’d ever had!

DSC_0034It’s my first time to meet Nikita Conwi of RX 93.1! Sucha nice lass… anyway, comment/vote for her to be the next I am Meg Style Ambassador!


After dinner, we went to Centerstage for some booze and songs! AND JACOB KILLED EVERY SONG HE SANG! He’s so good, I wanna tear his vocal chords off! Haha, I wish I took some vids though…




I miss these people! Been weeks since I last saw them. Get together soon, yes?

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