Because I still can’t focus

…and I am on an attempt to clear my mind by going to Tagaytay before the weekend, I am postponing my Fashion Week posts. I hate it when I lag behind my schedule, but I really can’t write and edit right now. I wish, too, that I get by these feelings because it’s becoming too hard for me to do anything.

For the meanwhile, I’ll leave you with the Lady Gaga Musical by Trasher Bangkok! These trannies are the best performers (or spoofers) I’ve ever seen!!! I love them, and yes, they distract me a little, haha.

See, it really distracts you from whatever you are doing!!! HAHA!

But not quite as well as… Oh damn, how do I do this?! :/

2 responses to “Because I still can’t focus

  1. that second video features the artist who did spoofs on the “one that got away” and ‘we found love’ isn’t they those were hilariously awesome

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