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Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

Fashion week is upon us once again! And it’s my favorite season of all time – Holiday (or Autumn/Winter in other countries where there are actual four seasons. Bitter. Haha!)

Here’s the schedule for all your favorite brands and designers who are showing their Holiday collections. I have a few invites already, and am sooooo excited to see all of ’em!

Wanna get hold of some tickets? Follow @moonleafteashop and @styleanywhere for their giveaways! Or you can just scour the internet your favorite brands and designers for giveaways!

So block the dates already, May 22 – 27 is Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012! Say hi when you see us, okay? See you all there!

P.S. I am posting this because I need to so badly remind myself to do the Mensweek photos and post it already! I couldn’t understand why last week was so tiring. But, there’s no reason to lax now.
P.S.S. Bah-hum-bug for backlogs.

Straight but not Narrow

It doesn’t mean you’re a straight guy, you necessarily hate GAY people. Because it’s not how the world works. If you know how to love genuinely, I think, people will see it in their hearts to love no matter what’s your gender, your color, or your occupation. Loving is a basic human feeling, and I think it’s not that complicated or difficult to love diversity. You just have to find it in yourself to love others as you would yourself.

If you’d hate, it just shows how much you love yourself.

P.S. Thumbs up to Josh Hutcherson for standing up and being an example to the whole world that it’s not GAY to love the gay people!


Alright, I want to make an apology on my harsh words in my last post. I was angry at the time and could type only the most painful words I can hurl to a person who wants to deny me and my sisters our rights. I will not justify my swearing, and cursing. BUT I WILL JUSTIFY THAT HE SHOULD HAVE NEVER SAID THAT.

Marriage is a right as a person, and not only as a Christian. Therefore, it is just rightful to grant this to all kinds of people – regardless of gender preference, race, occupation, etc. No one can suppress anybody’s right, and nobody should shove their religion to anyone.

AND FOR THE RECORD, homosexuality IS not all about the sex. If it is what Christians have been pointing out, well guess what bitches, gay relationships can transcend even further than that. Open your eyes and try to see the lengths love can go and the boundaries it can break. It has been more offending with what these people equating homosexuality with and how they are reducing gay people to sex-hungry, lustful individuals. We gays are so much more than that.

A shout out to all judgmental Jesus freaks Christians out there, please do us a favor. Do your homework well. And before you find speck in our eyes, why don’t you go find yours first. Please ask yourself what would Jesus do. And I hope you find it in your heart that HE WILL LOVE ALL OF US no matter what.

Don’t hate, guys! Only love.