Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

Bench Gutz N’ Glory


Richard Gutierrez, most-sought after bachelor, collaborates with one of the country’s top clothing brand Bench, to form Gutz and Glory.


In this picture, Richard Gutierrez reminds me of the always-sleek, always-fresh Mr. James Bond


Richard Gutierrez and Bench go a long way back. He is one of the hottest endorsers for clothing and lifestyle retail giant and is one of the very first local celebrities who came out with a scent for Bench. The success of “Gutz & Glory” Eau De Toilette fragrance, which was launched 3 years ago, brought them back together to the drawing board and is proud to announce that “Gutz & Glory “is now available in deo cologne. The cologne version, just like the EDT fragrance, is designed to be a separate day-and-night scent. “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne lasts all day and is an effective protection against unwanted body odor.


Richard designed “Gutz” as an airy and incredibly fresh scent, very light thus ideal for daytime use. It has whiffs of aromatic Fougere, a mixture of lavender as top note and base notes of oak moss and coumarin, as well as additional notes of spice and wood.


For “Glory”, Richard decided to make the fragrance richer by adding amber and citrus with the aromatic Fougere. Glory shouts for adventure, thus more appropriate when stepping out come nighttime and when someone heads out to paint the town red. Richard’s “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne is an extension of his persona since he was involved in every aspect of the project development. He himself gave directions, selected the fragrance notes and packaging for the two scents.


There is no stopping Richard Gutierrez as he soars to greater heights, whether on or off the screen, he would be giving 100% to achieve success with his guts to attain glory. Richard’s “Gutz & Glory” deo cologne is now available in all Bench stores nationwide and retails at P128.00.



So wanna be like our local James Bond and snag the ladies with just a whiff of your scent? Gutz N’ Glory will do the snaggin’ for you.