Mister x Manila Launch at Greyone Social



Carved from the mind, made straight into material, Mister brand puts a modernistic spin on classic men’s attire. The inherently stylish, San Francisco born designers engineer their garments to contain quality and comfort, with superior attention to detail and everlasting style.



Largely manufacturing their clothing in San Francisco gives Mister brand the opportunity to not only enrich it’s community, but the capability to chaperon every garments construction from start to finish. Mister, made for all men, and for every wardrobe.



Here in the Philippines, Mister is exclusively distributed by Greyone Social at Greenbelt 5. Along with brands like Vans, Hellz Bellz, Dissizit, and couple more of hip-hop-skater feel brands, the addition of Mister in the racks of Greyone Social adds an opposite but welcome complement. I particularly liked the minimalist and basic tees with a subtle diversion to prints. Also the reversible collar in the shirt is an interesting piece.


A couple of accessories like this wooden bow is also part of the Mister collection at Greyone Social. I like how this is in collaboration with our local designers and manufacturers. Dee Jae Paeste, who designed the absolutely amazing pieces for Mister, is a proud supporter of Postura PH, also. Spot him wearing some indigenous tribal accessories below:




I was in Greyone Social as well, so I took the chance to spot some items I think y’all would be interested to:


These shoes are made from paper. But they don’t tear, and are water-proof! Civic Duty sneakers are definitely in my wish list!




Vans shoes can be also bought in the store! My eyes are on the new high cuts!




And several other graphic tees are available… You check Greyone Social’s Tumblr for more of these prints!






One last hurrah for this post: shout out to Greyone Social’s fabulous owner, Ms. Rosario Herrera for personally showing me around, and introducing me to people. She has been a very accommodating host, and it has been a worthwhile trip to Greenbelt, which is a bit far from where I work and live. Well, that’s even aside from Mister’s beautiful collection!


I thought I’d give ode to the Greyone vibe but I really don’t wanna go all hip-hop ’cause it’s not who I am. This Oxygen top (which fabric btw is perfect for the summer) helped me stick to my own style while deviating for a bit. Added love for this top: I got it for 30% off!!!


Oxygen oversized long sleeve top, old pair of shorts, Reebok dunks

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  1. Gonduh! Mahalia?

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