Moonleaf: My Summer Staycation 2012

Come to think of it, staycation isn’t a bad idea at all. Though I’d really love to be in the islands by now because of this heat staring down at us, the city isn’t that unbearable with my favorite milk tea in hand.

See you all at Moonleaf!


Photography by Joseph Pascual
Videography by Judd Figuerres

With Sasha Palomares, Justine Aure, Rutherford Perez, Gela Abores and Bruce Venida

Make up & grooming by Kim Alcoreza
Production & Set Design by Dreps Tatad and Jan Pineda

I’ll post the whole campaign and BTS by moi soon! 

3 responses to “Moonleaf: My Summer Staycation 2012

  1. wheee! can’t wait to see the other pictures!

    btw, my link’s wrong. it’s :)

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