Denim on denim





Tomato Green chambray shirt, Oxygen reversible jeans, Tomato Green mustard sneakers, Memo reversible belt


This is what I wore to the IMMAP Open Mic Night last Friday at the Salon de Ning. The occasion called for classy chic, collared tops a must for men, and my closet was really nowhere close that, because for all I know I am a tee-jeans-kicks type of guy, sometimes edgy. I seldom wear shirts, especially short-sleeved ones because either it’s too small for me, it make me look lousy. However I really like the fit of this chambray shirt from Tomato Green, actually all of their shirts, and am currently in love with the denim on denim concept. Plus, it’s really soft and comfy and kept me dry from my sweaty self (haha, TMI I know) at the middle of this hot summer season.

Photos by Karla Ynzon

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