Paradigm Shift S/S12: SHINY

This is me posting late for one of the most beautiful things I awaited this Summer! The moment I saw the collection, I thought of one thing: where do I get all the money to buy the pieces that I want?! Well, rest assured that the prices are friendly, but there are just too much that I wanted to buy!

I love how the vest dress was styled (right)

Here are my top picks for this collection. I posted them with prices, so I remember myself how much I’ll save haha *wink*

Shorts with silver PVC detail (P2,185) I ordered this while they were just finishing their lookbook! Good thing, I’m friends with the owners Mike and Karl.

Silver vest-dress (P1,850) This vest-dress… I just can’t explain how ninja-ic and surreal it is! Getting this before fashion week!

Short that converts to a skirt when unbuttoned (P2,185) I can’t explain more how this piece is so well-thought of.

Silver shirt (P995) And there are basic days, that you just want to be neutral. *approves*

Shirt with triangle PVC (P1,499) SERIOUSLY HIPSTER. I’m thinking of asking them if I can have it in v-neck, kinda reminds me of a piece an installation in the Louvre.

Gray leggings (P995) I know what you’re thinking – what with my humongous thighs and legs, what am I thinking of buying a pair of leggings! But there’s no harm in trying – and try I will!

I am so gaga with this collection!!!

Paradigm Shift Clothing
by Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes
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