Punchdrunk Panda’s *NEW* Camera Straps Summer 2012

Just in time, so I can wash my old camera strap, also from PdP.

Handle with Care by Jen Horn

I like this nude-brown-ish design from Jen Horn. I’ve always liked the designs of a delivery box, hence I’m buying this one! OH! They come now in ministraps for small, compact cameras. Now everyone gets to enjoy these cute camera accessories!

Junk Food Addiction by Gail Go

Koi by Robx Bautista

There is definitely something about Koi that it has to be translated into a laptop sleeve, iPad sleeve, plimsolls, and now a camera strap!

Navajo by Jen Horn

All the camera straps have the signature neoprene, mesh, and leather materials used in the older straps. Bigger ones for DSLRs are sold for P595, while the smaller ones for compact cameras (digicams) are sold for P445! Enjoy 10% discount when you register and buy through www.punchdrunkpanda.com!

I just heard from the Master Panda that they’ll be printing just enough, so you better BUY one now!

You can also browse this brochure here.

Punchdrunk Panda
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