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What to expect from Battalia Royale?

This post has been sleeping in my drafts folder for weeks already. Before you can blurt out how a bad blogger I am (alright, sometimes I am haha) do bear in mind that it’s just so hard to describe at the least how my actual exact Battalia  Royale experience is like.



DSC_0753Watched with Carlos and Jan



I think, as always, the best way to give a biteful of what transpired is to show these photos with extreme fanboy captioning. Forgive the inner fanboy. Haha!

DSC_0757Spotted: Production set designer for BR, Leeroy New

DSC_0758The lovely military-inspired event marshalls




This is already the second set of runs they did for March. It was held at the abandoned Victoria High School in Cubao. The place was eerily perfect and who knew if there were real ghosts and ghouls while we were watching.



I wanted to dress up and I couldn’t think of anything but a fashionable Type B military outfit. Kids who didn’t take CAT in High School barely can relate to what Type B is all about.




If you watched Battle Royale, the Japanese dystopia film which you really should watch, you can easily relate to it. There were some scenes that were lifted from the film, and some are tweaked to suit to the Filipino taste, and some are humorous referencing. I remember Kiriyama (Kevin Vitug) blurt out “…quick the hovercraft will come any minute” which is just so Hunger Games, haha!

DSC_0777Forgive the photos of Stephen, #AlamNa



There were about five to six stages which the blood-hungry audience should transfer from one to another. So wearing boots may not be your best bet if you have trouble moving around on it. You’ll stand, sit, and as for me, sometimes trip. I brought home bruises in the hands, elbows, knees and eyebrows. It had to come to a point that I had to choose to fall flat in my face to save my camera. But that’s an isolated case. If you’re not as clumsy as I am, you’re good to go.





And oh, if you’re iffy about going home “bloody”, do not wear white! Hahaha, some really intended to go home bloody, but for me I wore black. My mom will annihilate me at the sight of a white shirt drenched in red stuff.









Cameras are allowed (good thing!) but watch out for it. Place would be cramped, blood splashing from anywhere, and you might miss some good scenes. Or you’ll have to pick your face in the floor, if you’re like me.


DSC_0819My favorite scene!








Be ready to KILL! I don’t know if they’re gonna lift this scene for the September run but a student named Timothy was “auctioned” to the audience to kill. If you act good in the minigame at the start of the play, you’d be awarded to be a part of the  act. WHAT. A. BRILLIANT. IDEA. I love how these people think.

DSC_0862This was supposed to be a gay-ish scene. But Alab (with bandana) was played by a girl


DSC_0865And here’s two thumbs up to my favorite Battalia Royale character – Cacai! I wish she won





DSC_0881Enjoy lang si Ate magpose, eh in character pa si Jessica!



Like almost a mockery of the hideous killings, the students performed the Our Lady of Guadalupe High School like a blisssful batch of graduating students…

OH WHICH REMINDS ME!!!! Congratulations to all graduates of Batch 2012! Go for the kill… errr I mean that dream job!

P.S. Look out for the September 2012 run! Congrats Sipat Lawin Ensembles for the success of Battalia Royale! Like them on Facebook!

Globe Lovebus ❤


“Free rides! Yay!” Exactly my thought when I was invited to experience the pilot ride of the Globe Lovebus. It’s Globe’s way of giving back the love by letting all of us experience hassle-free (and you bet, MORE FUN!!!) riding, much like their newest prepaid promo *143#. 




The Globe Lovebus traverses the busy road of EDSA, pit-stopping at your favorite malls in the Metro. The route starts from Trinoma and ends in MOA and vice versa. From a commuter perspective, this is really a relief, because getting a bus (and getting bored by all their movies) in EDSA is a pain in the ass. The long ride is no longer a problem too, since Globe gives you a one-of-a-kind bus ride experience with a number of in-ride activities like games with actual prizes (I see some eyes glimmer! *wink*)

I’d ride the bus if it meant seeing Ed Westwick everyday. CHARAUGHT!



So how does one gets in the Lovebus? Here’s some easy steps:

1. Register through Globe’s Facebook account.
2. Book your ride, along with your name, prepaid number, and some friends’ names (more utash more fun!)
3. Wait for a confirmation SMS to be sent to you mobile number.
4. Go to your scheduled ride, and show the SMS that acts as your ticket.
5. Hop on the bus, and enjoy the ride!!!




But the fun doesn’t stop there, the Lovebus also has provincial legs in Batangas and La Union this coming Holy Week! Trips to the provinces will be on April 4 and 5, with return trips on April 8 and 9. And if you plan on visiting one of the recently announced top beaches in the world – Boracay, just show your Globe-powered mobile phone or Tattoo stick and ride the Globe Loveboat to and from Boracay island on April 13 – 15! Buses in Metro Manila will commence trips on April 10 and will run for an entire month from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 7pm.



DSC_0137Lunch at Buffet 101 at the Seaside in SM Mall of Asia



DSC_0135I’m on a diet. CHOS! The big slab of steak was on the second plate, haha!

DSC_0139Francis, Coy, Celine

DSC_0141TJ kept us really entertained while riding the Lovebus


And to keep you connected this summer, you don’t need to remember numbers, keywords, or codes. All you need to remember is *143# to avail of Globe’s latest prepaid promos! All promos are now centralized on this promo, so that it’s easier  and quicker to register for Globe promos. Like UNLIALLTRIO which gives you unlimited call, text, and surfing! When will this be available on postpaid? I need eeeeet so bad!

Memo Spring/Summer 2012


Step out of stifling work clothes and look cool and fresh this summer donning the latest from MEMO—designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable despite the sweltering summer heat.

MEMO kicks off the season with a collection of work wear perfect for a summer in the metro or for out-of-town work-related getaways. This season, upgrade your corporate closet with cool and fresh work clothes and prepare for an URBAN ESCAPE.

MEMO’s summer collection is all about relaxed and comfortable pieces. Hardworking urbanites stuck in the cold walls of the office then stepping outside in the blasting heat of summer can still maintain their fresh and sophisticated air in typical MEMO fashion.

Don’t lose your swagger with MEMO – stay preppy and extremely comfy all at the same time even in the middle of this summer heat. Here are my top picks:

Jonver 2


Tops this collection! I love this look!

And this is my take of MEMO’s latest collection! Hope you stir clear of all judgment, you know that I’m not the preppy type. But I try :P


MEMO striped collared tee, GAP striped cuffed shorts, Punchdrunk Panda Negatives plimsolls, Razor necklace (gift), Jansport black backpack.

This is what I wore to the Globe Lovebus media launch last Wednesday which was held mostly while riding a bus. It really reminded me of field trips so I thought it was a perfect reason to dress up like a dorky kid going to a field trip. It was hot that day, and it really helped that I dressed down a bit for this. MEMO is all about being looking preppy and corporate, but you know how fashion is how one sees it. I thought I could give MEMO bit of a dorky twist, hence this look :)

Anyway, MEMO just ended their Share Your Style promo but I bet they still have many surprises for you all! So follow @memo_fashion on Twitter and also like them on Facebook to keep updated of all their promos!