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Anteroom Sessions 2 on March 31!

It is still not a year from the very first Anteroom Sessions by Punchdrunk Panda and here it is again! Now in an even bigger space, with more artists, more Filipino brands, and of course more fun than ever! Be sure to block March 31 from your calendar as Punchdrunk Panda and Heima invades Cubao X! Look at this amazing line of artists and brands:

Ang Bandang Shirley
Gentle Universe
Love Never Dies
Similar Objects
Slow Hello
The Strangeness
Techy Romantics

Punchdrunk Panda — (graphic-designed stuff; www.punchdrunkpanda.com)
Moonleaf Tea Shop — (milk tea; www.moonleafteashop.com)
Sophie’s Mom — (cupcakes and more; www.facebook.com/sophiesmomonline)
Ukay Alalay — (pre-loved clothing from Saab Magalona)
Vesti — (bags with textiles from Mindanao; www.vesti.ph)
Agos — (beach/surf wear; www.agospilipinas.com)
Kloi’s N Klay’s — (polymer clay accessories)
Yuki — (accessories; www.yukimakesthings.multiply.com)
Vnaltik — (tops; www.vnaltik.tk)
Artwork — (t-shirts; www.artwork.ph)
Electromagnetic Tentacle — (t-shirts; www.electromagnetictentacle.com)
Junk Studio — (upcycled accessories; www.facebook.com/junkstudiocrafts)

Red House Productions
(feat. JP Cuison & Saab Magalona; Ge Mapa & Selena Salang)
Chyna Lo
(feat. Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa; Kitkat Pecson & Patricia Prieto; Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico)

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Anteroom Sessions is all about showcasing budding independent brands and talent. And as a company that passionately supports creativity through their graphic-designed products, Punchdrunk Panda acknowledges others who actively follow their creative inclinations, and provided this avenue to share their passion with others.

With the success of last year’s Anteroom Sessions, Punchdrunk Panda will be holding another leg of the Anteroom Sessions at a bigger venue to bring a bigger crowd to the event.

Anteroom Sessions 2 will be held in partnership with home & lifestyle brand Heima at Cubao Expo on March 31, 2012 from 4-11pm. In keeping with the idea behind Anteroom Sessions, there will be indie music performances, pop-up shops, paper crafts, and webisodes screenings about the design teams for Punchdrunk Panda’s new skimmer collection, which will be launched during the event. Punchdrunk Panda’s skimmer design teams include JP Cuison & Saab Magalona, Ge Mapa & Selena Salang, Kitkat Pecson & Patricia Prieto, Kasey Albano & Arriane Serafico, and Robbie Bautista & Cheyser Pedragosa.

The first Anteroom Sessions started as a modest idea to show off some Punchdrunk Panda sample products at a milk tea place while screening photo shoot webisodes and having a DJ (a coaxed boyfriend) mix some tunes. Gradually, the idea grew and grew, and with everyone who decided to come on board with Punchdrunk Panda for this event, Anteroom Sessions became bigger than the team imagined.

For inquiries, please e-mail info@punchdrunkpanda.com, SMS 0915-8048683, or call 861-3577

Just got inked!

So my birthday dinner with the fam bam just ended but I still have birthday things going on until the end of next week. And while I am currently lost where and how to start telling you guys how my birthday week went, I think I’ll start with this one.




I know these kind of decisions needs some sort of plan or thinking – or more thinking for that matter; but believe me, for us – Pat and I, all we need was alcohol, sisig, and all the bullshit in life (haha ang emo, kay?) It was all spontaneous, we were drinking and talking about our usual shit on love, when there were bored stares across Tomato Kick and that familiar tattoo shop stood still, where at its doors we once told we’re gonna get inked ourselves.





Finally, the bored words came out of my mouth. But knowing me, it was probably just thinking out loud. And knowing my friend, there’s no way out of this. It was a spur of the moment. It was a now-or-never kind of thing.






Noone gets to judge me, heh.


Not really that I do not want to, to explain my hesitance . In fact, I wanted it so badly. I pride myself for having a high pain threshold, so it’s not the fear of needles. It was just so sudden, I think. And while I’m a fan of spontaneity, I think it’s very different from this suddenness. Actually, it’s not my strongest suit to boot (I don’t know if I have the face to blog about it, but meh that’s another post.)


DSC_0371A tattoo artist’s happy art set


So off we go to 55TINTA and after a few papers to sign, we’re good to go. Pat, usually the braver of us two, went first. Pwede ko ring sabihing gentleman ako, at pinairal ko ang ladies first, but who would believe me, really? Haha!

DSC_0375The room smells so antiseptic. Reminds me of the hospital.






Pat had the word Might inked on her shoulder. Might is a very strong word, meaning both strength and possibilities. Now might is in Pat’s shoulders.

DSC_0384Uh, excuse the thighs.


And mine’s a red shadeless triangle. I really haven’t thought why I want a triangle. Unlike Pat, I really did not put much thought on what to get myself though I have been contemplating this triangle for quite some time. And before you drop the h-word, please know that it’s not my me. I think I just like the shape, and am fascinated how it points up.

DSC_0390And there I was reminded of my college practice injections. Oh how grateful I am I know what is the feeling of being pricked.





As I couldn’t turn my head on a full 180 and I wanted my tattoo on the upper back or nape portion, I asked Pat to position my tattoo for me. She came up with the witty idea of leaving the tip exposed when I’m wearing a shirt….


…something just dawned in me. Most people only get to see me in the surface. And in order for someone to really know me, they have to scratch the surface and strip me. Good call on that, ain’t it?


I really have a long emotional narrative, but I think I’ll keep that thought for a while. For now, I really love my tat and am kinda contemplating if I’ll have one more. Where should I have it kaya? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm… Where’d you put yours?

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