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I like how careful and calculated the film was made, I can actually made a social media case study out of this. And I also like how it targets feelings and emotions and how the makers knew that the only way through people is to use a bit of love, controversy, hatred, and justice. We have to thank Invisible Children for the initiative to inform and mobilize people and eventually they can bring change in the society, what with their number and the impact they’ve already done.

But I guess some people will always see a loophole. Or is there really a loophole to start? I purposely didn’t read anything about KONY 2012 before trying to write about it but I can’t help but overhear controversies surrounding the movement. I tried as hard as I can to become blank before I watched the movie, because whatever good there is may be clouded of influenced judgment and such. It is up to us though how we will find a stand in this.

For whatever it’s worth, I firmly believe that even clouded with controversies, for a movement to last for eight long painstaking years, they must have been doing something right, even if not entirely. And I find no wrong in helping this cause, and not necessarily them. Of course, let’s take our time to do research and try to figure out if these controversies are true or just black propaganda.

It’s easy to help inform people. Either you follow the very simple infographic above or share the movie that you’ve just watched. Or do both. They’re right, you know. Information is power. And if a lot of people will know, will demand, and will act… maybe society stands a chance for change.

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