Vincent Moon in MNL








I have to credit Hanna for being such a great source of information! I still got to go even at short notice, also albeit all the plans I make for Thursday nights. Like really. Thursday is the new weekend.




Big Bad Wolf in The Fort is the perfect place for such gatherings… There’s a big blank wall, couches, and board games! But of course, we didn’t get to play… we were there to watch the Take Away shows by Vincent Moon (Mathieu Saura) who has traveled around the world to capture different indie bands perform in the streets (or just perform anyway. He just finds new ways to film music and musicians.) It was a kind of surreal moment for me and my friends as we ourselves have dreamed for the longest time to travel the world. Double whammy for Hanna for wanting to do exactly what Vincent has been doing in the last 10 years.



Like, really? Ten years of traveling? On minimal budget, on a backpack, and only with your camera? It’s a dream, yes. Us, wide eyed, and him eyeing us to donate. It was a fundraiser after all – to support an artist, a fellow dreamer who has been living the dream. (Oh why am I being so dreamy now.)



Here’s to continuing the passion, Vincent! I may be financially incapable right now, but I want you to know that people appreciate what you’re doing!



Treat yourself to some Vincent Moon-lovin’ here:

P.S. He’s here for three weeks (I think on his second week now already) so if you see Vincent Moon, say hi. He’s super nice!

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