Daily Archives: February 25, 2012

For Long Tomorrow

Going home at 6am is the wrongest thing to do (kids, do not imitate lol) but you bet it really felt good after convos over couple of bottles and pares thereafter. I feel weird after though. I was suddenly craving for hot soup – I finished two small bowls in the paresan, two cups mugs at home, and a bowl of shoyu ramen before coming to work. Oh you bet, I’m still craving for some hot soup lovin’ right now.

I met up with Hanna earlier today. Arrived late because my body’s too sore to get up. I did get up, however, I really hate the snooze button now. Anyway, I gave her some of the shirts that I still have for Stereotyped, bought Toe tickets (yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and had lunch at the newly opened Ramen X – yayhotsoupasdfghjkl!!!!

Gyudon rice for H

Mini Shoyu Ramen – loooooooooove the shoyu base!

Say hi to Hanna!

Post-17th of March thingamajig! Who's watching too?Tickets are still available in Team Manila Trinoma and Rockwell branches, at the Doc Martens shop (The Fort)

We’ve been meaning to get tickets from the first day we knew they’re going here! Hanna is a big fan, and let’s just say that I am a happy casualty. Toe’s music is really good for thinking when we were back in college, and we almost used it as scoring for our “films” in college (yes I did some even though I’m a nurse. And no we weren’t able to use it as scoring because it’s too hipster for my school/classmates/professors.)

OH! I hope I don’t forget to blog about Vincent Moon!!! He’s very inspiring, and I really love his videos (although some are so wit.) More on another blog post, I guess.

Last night, we also dropped by the Haute Auteur pop-up by the UP Cineastes’ Studio last night! The silent films were really great! In a bit, I’m off to their awards night at B-side to watch the finalists with live scoring and a good number of local indie bands (read: Techyromantics, Musical O, Encounters With A Yeti, Sleepwalk Circus, Ciudad, Pocket Full Of, The Walkie Talkies, The Black Vomits, and Ivan Theory) are also playing!!

I swear, I’m gonna sleep off the whole of Sunday tomorrow. Or watch some movies for that matter.

P.S. Title is the latest album of Toe (2009) that’s on loop while I’m writing this post.