Pre-Valentine’s Date at John and Yoko

What more appropriate to jumpstart the Valentine’s week with is to have a date with friends you haven’t seen for a long time? No, we do not need years to miss each other. And online convos don’t really constitute you being with them (yes, I am a firm believer of social media, BUT physical presence is really different in many ways.)

DSC_0262Oysters for appetizer. Finished almost half of the plate. Sorry B!

DSC_0264Cha Soba in what I perceive as shoyu sauce

DSC_0267Paella in Japanese cheugh?

DSC_0270Chicken Teriyaki pizza with mangoI wondered if I was just hungry or this really tasted good? 


Or is it just a reason to laugh and gossip over incredibly good Japanese food that in all heaven’s worth I forgot the names of? Well, except for the exceptional Philadelphia Roll that I was entitled to almost to myself. I’m a sucker for Japanese mayo and sushi rice, so forgive the excitement over the morsel of seafood + vinegared rice + fat in the form of mayo






DSC_0275Jessa, Dianne, Cariza, Kisty, Erika, Moi in pink (more fun!)


Kisty was just in town for x weeks (sorry BB, bad memory) so we decided to meet at John and Yoko in Greenbelt 5. God knows I’ve been meaning to try this place. Fusion has been out of the radar; but we all had that phase, right? AND if done correctly, Fusion can prove to bring fireworks to one’s palate.


Love that red satchel from Studio Boheme! 


We have to patent Erika’s pose! LOL!


F&H cardigan and pink shirt, Oxygen gray denim pants, Punchdrunk Panda “Negatives” plimsolls, Jansport backpack

No this isn’t my usual get up. But can you really blame me when the bed weather really brings out the lazy in me? I was about to put on my man heels and that leather holdall – nevertheless I still ended up with this look. Enough of the rant though. I love this night with the BBs. I wish though my schedule permits to go on shopping with them at Divisoria, but work gets in the way (and I’m not telling that it’s a bad thing.)

Kisty if you’re reading this. I really miss you!! Hope we can visit you in Singapore, though! BBs, dinner with you soon! :)

This is just the first of the many ganap this week! Best V-week ever, if you ask me!

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