Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Valentine’s Week

DSC_0295Cupcake from Jen

Actually, I received two cupcakes, the other one was a homemade red velvet from Jaja – which I didn’t have the time to take a photo of. I was a sucker for the generous slab of cream cheese frosting :)

DSC_0274Kisty, Erika, Moi. Pink for more fun.

This week has been pretty awesome! I’ve met up with friends (especially single ones! Haha!) Kisty was in town for her term break so we called a pre-Valentine’s date with the BBs. Gossiping with these girls are always fun! I still can’t figure out who’s that photographer, BBs?

DSC_0301Violets are blue on Valentine’s


Then come V-day, there were the cupcakes, and our V-day special at Moonleaf… and the impromptu dinner date with Nica at our favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice place. Nothing fancy, it’s just convenient for us, haha! But it was great to see Nica again, and talk about why she hadn’t a date on V-day… or why is she dating me for that matter :P Nica, if you’re reading this, please don’t kill me hahaha

DSC_0324Pat’s hipster photo

And Post-Valentine’s is even greater. Pat dropped by the office, we ate dinner at a random Pares place in Teacher’s Village, bought booze, and drank Valentine’s out of our system.

DSC_0316Judge me if you want, haha!

Who said Valentine’s isn’t for singles? I’m just having the best week so far! Off to meet a real Geisha in a bit!