You think the main copy is witty, read the disclaimer then

NKKLK yung copy, pero mas NKKLK yung disclaimer!!!!
Disclaimers are more fun, indeed —
Wag kang magdrama, wala kang period.
PAK. Straightforward, powerful beki copy.
San ka pa? Purrrrrrrrfect.

I wanna meet this copywriter stat. Like them on Facebook, and follow @TheBekiry! I hope they deliver, kasi bet ko yung Coke-chocolate cupcake!!!!

P.S. Just so you know, no I am not feeling a bit bromantic (kasi I feel it a lot, char) and I do not intend to give a cupcake to anyone. I’ll eat it myself.
P.S.S. For those interested only, I do not have V-day plans. Unless you’re giving me something to do, then we can talk *wink, wink*

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