Hump Day


Wednesdays are called Hump Day because of the assumption that the week is a hill, and Wednesday is the “hump” of the hill. It signifies the passing of another workweek and the approaching of the weekend.




It may also mean you’re dead tired and you can’t wait to rape your bed… or someone in your bed for that matter :P As for me, I just can’t wait for a hearty meal (pun intended.)




DSC_0162Pati ang Sola lady, talikogenic. LOL!


Maybe I should’ve titled this post Talikogenic instead. Plenty of backs, indeed.  Alright then, here are faces.


Meet my graphic designer friend, Jan Pineda. He’s responsible for the incredibly ultraminimalist designs at our favorite tea shop, Moonleaf (nuks!)


Also, meet Carlos Quijon, Jr. (or Jun-Jun. He’ll kill me if he’d read I called him that on my blog, haha!) He’s doing copywriting for us as of late. He’s a pretty good darn literary writer as well. Try googling him.

Our lovely sexy-tary Justine Aure is also with us! We’ve been officemates for 2 (or 3) days for now and she’s kinda responsible why I’m so “hungry” now. Head over to her blog!


Our hungry party of four marched along Masinsinan street to satisfy the need to engulf nutritive particles to nourish our flesh. Oh why is eating an evil need? I need to lose my lovehandles before beach season comes!

DSC_0166V-mar Kitchenette is ready for V-day. 


To start off, I ordered my poison. I’d never survive a busy day without my caffeine. This in my second helping already. And right now I’m half-decided to go get another half liter.

DSC_0169Regular sugar. I forgot how good this tastes already.


Jan with his Camaron Rebosado. It’s my first time to eat with these people and my camera in tote.  So I bet I kinda startled them when I started shooting away their food. I won’t ask them to share with me, but my grumbling tummy made me forget that.


Carlos likes Seafood Kare-Kare too much. Though you can’t see any seafood in the photo. It has mini-clams, shrimp, and more mini-clams. I love it the first try, so I understand why he ordered it again. Gawd, am I boring you already?


There is no way to make this photo beautiful but Crispy Dinuguan is definitely a bloody tasty dish. I’ve been eating lechon kawali for days already and I can’t see myself stopping. God save my arteries.

I’d love to share Justine’s Tocilog but I started devouring my food as soon as it got to me. V-mar was also very generous to let us taste their Dark Chocolate Crinkles, which btw is in my list of to-bring-home-but-not-share. Kidding! Or maybe I am not. Hahaha!


We’re back at Maginhawa, and we stopped for Ministop (now doesn’t that sound redundant?) I find it amusing to have taken a photo of the new and old Maginhawa street sign. I didn’t even notice before clicking the shutter. Oh how time flies.

DSC_0174Hipster photo? You judge.



Once again, I like light art + zoom + talikogenic photo.


Back at home base to work some more. Meeting ensued after a few hours.


That was a busy, happy hump day!!! Again, again!!!

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