UP FAIR 2012: Rebokultura

Order tickets now! Look for the Facebook pages of the different UP FAIR 2012 nights.

FEB. 14 – SyamnAPO sa Ilog kong Irog  http://www.facebook.com/SyamnAPOsaIlogKongIrog
FEB. 15 – KONTRAKULTURA: A Date With Destiny https://www.facebook.com/adatewithdestiny2012
FEB. 16 – LOVERAGE 6: Innervate https://www.facebook.com/LR6Innervate
FEB. 17 – Status Change https://www.facebook.com/StatusChange
FEB. 18 — HIMIGsikan: Reclaiming Traditions, Continuing Struggle… Serving the People! https://www.facebook.com/HIMIGsikan

To know more about UP FAIR 2012, like them at Facebook here!

ALSO! Moonleaf will have a booth there! Come have your milk tea fix while enjoying your favorite music at the UP Fair!

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