Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

MDNA of the Rocks

Madge tells us no one’s too old to rock and groove!
Though, really, she can’t flex that much anymore… *creys*
I love that she started with Vogue! Powerful beginnings are powerful!
*at this early, I’ll ask you to excuse the exclamation abuse :P*
LMFAO kinda watered down the performance IMHO…
WHO IS MIA? And there goes Nicki doing crazy faces again!
They both look like a slut. And Madge looks younger than them.
My friend thought Ceelo was Andre Leon Talley! LOL, must be the robe?
Akshuli, ang lakas maka-Sister Act ni Ceelo Green
It actually felt like the church of Madonna, on the final segment.
How is Madonna NOT ageing?
Love the knee-high, high-heeled booties. IS SHE REALLY 50+?
Or maybe they’re hiding the real MDNA (this is mindfuckin’ creepy)

Nevertheless, we all love her Givenchy ensemble. You know you did!!!

P.S. Forgive the mind-vomit. I was just really stunned by her performance. For non-sports people like me, it’s the best we can get from Super Bowl.
P.S.S. Nvm the title, I was just thinking how to make it witty/catchy/unconventional, errrr… lol!

LSS of the week: Love on Top by Beyonce

I think I should do this every week! Srsly, I’ve set up a playlist named LSS already and just put it on repeat all day. I really get so addicted to songs easily that I do this almost every freakin’ time!

And since it’s the love month… errr, not that I have one, k? Beyonce just nails this song, maybe still love drunk after giving birth. I know I’m not making any logic yet again, just forgive my rationalizing skills, k? ANYWAY, I digress. It does not mean that I don’t have a date this V-day *ehem, ehem* that there’s no reason to listen to these cheesy songs… Malay nyo ba, LOL!

Basta YOU put my love on TOP, okay? :P

Now everybody asks me why I’m smiling out from ear to ear.
(They say love hurts)
But I know
(It’s gonna take a little work)
Nothing’s perfect, but it’s worth it after fighting through my tears
And finally you put me first

*kilig, kilig*