Close Up Pyropalooza

DSC_0112Close Up Pyropalooza media launch was held at Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City



DSC_0094Close Up Brand Manager

Bloggers were gathered over dinner at the Cirkulo Restaurant in Makati City for the launch of Close Up’s Valentine program (as we all know Lovapalooza) along with the 3rd Annual Pyromusical Competition; aptly coined as Pyropalooza. Close Up will open the competition proper on February 11, Saturday, with eyegasmic fireworks and musical concert featuring the following artists:

American Idol star and now TV5’s newest Kapatid David Archuleta


Pop star Zia Quizon

Never the Strangers, and


DSC_0093Cirkulo food is soooooo good. I wish I can remember what I ate.

DSC_0095Angel, Kaye, Vergil, Dianne, Erika, Lloyd, and Hanna


DSC_0103Bloggers with Dom from Media Contacts PH







Solo black button up shirt, Guess denim pants, Bloggers United (Victor Basa) vintage man heels, Paradigm Shift x Leatherengines noose neckpiece

I love dinner-parties! Dressing up isn’t very hard. And as usual I went with black and other dark elements like my uber dark blue denim from Guess. It wasn’t really very dressy, but the slight height raise from my man heels gave it a dressy effect IMHO. I know I should try to experiment my look, maybe I’ll try to do that next time. Somebody teach me how to wear colors and not shade!!!

DSC_0113Post-event Mcdo session with Erika and Dianne



I haven’t seen these two girls for months! Last time I saw them was S/S12 Fashion Week. Both have been busy with studies as Erika is graduating this March (congrats, E!) and Dianne is pretty busy with thesis (go girl!) I won’t be spilling the milk (wahahahahaha, internal joke) but that Mcdo session was really fun! Slumber party soon, girls!

Going back to Pyropalooza! Valentine’s Day can seem tedious for some (owyeah, am not one of them, but… malay nateeeen :P) with all the planning, being conscious to make it special, and moreover the budgeting. Fret no more! Close Up offers an affordable yet equally romantic and fun Valentine’s option.

Buy any Close Up product and exchange proof of purchase at these redemption booths for a PhP 100 ticket, or 50% discounts to PhP 300 and 500 tickets! Get a romantic spot, astounding fireworks, and musical entertainment and not rip off your wallet!

Last day of the Pyromusical competition is my birthday. Care to bring me there? *ehem, ehem*

4 responses to “Close Up Pyropalooza

  1. Whee! I love this entry Jonver. Pa-grab photos, okaaay? ;D Love you!

    <3 Erika

  2. parang third new year’s celebration yan this year! woooppeee!

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