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Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!

吉慶有餘 | Jiqing youyu | May your happiness be without limit

Daily Inspiration: Personal Blogs

Late at midnight, I found myself coughing and having a hoarse feel down my throat. I can’t remember what I drank or ate, or what I did to have caused this. All I knew was that I have work in x hours, and I can’t be sick like this. *cough, sniff* So much for inspiration, haha. It is really quite odd I’m blogging about inspirations in between chills and aching muscles.

However, random inspirations are my daily vitamins. I don’t know where to find them, but they just pop anywhere – from a random quirky shop downtown, a little act of kindness, a playful, witty tweet, an eye-ergonomic blog layout, an ambitious shortlist of places to be at… and the list can just go on and on. It can be even the cool breeze that frequents Manila atmosphere lately (not now though; with aching muscles, I can’t possible approve of it.) Lately, I’ve been reading blogs and people behind these blogs who share their experiences are really becoming a sustainable source of inspiration.

I’ve been allotting good hours in the morning to check my Google Reader and every once in a while, a photo or a blurb can really brighten my day. No I ain’t stalking, ’cause I do that in midnights *snicker* (There, I’ve said it. LOL) Alright, I digress. Inasmuch I am really envious for those people living the life, people who really are uber-productive and self-dependent, I am also very challenged to step up my game and run the race. A good, healthy type of envy, if you may.

A little disclaimer though, not all personal blogs are inspiring. I was once a rant whore and I used to spread a plaguing depression on my readers. So I really give it up for inspiring personal bloggers for controlling their emotions. No matter how they want to bitch about something, they’d always settle for a politically correct way to tell it to their readers. And that’s a good point for creativity as well! How well one conceals emotions but just as well present the situation sufficiently requires a writer, or blogger for that matter, to be creative about how to relate this.

Current Blog I’m Lovin’: My former boss from PdP, Gail Go’s Life in Post-its! Catch some biz tips, sweet and fluffy graphic design, productivity shit, and look through the vantage point of an expat —

And don’t you love her blog’s idea?

What it takes to come alive

I never really got that wild in the club – psychedelia and all that; I honestly attest that my over-the-top already was sexy dancing with this one guy I will never ever mention, of course that’s after downing a number of tequila shots (no body shot included, lol. I wish haha!)

Now while I lied low already from my clubbin’ life (signs of ageing, lol. I prefer more like book clubs, movie nights, and board games now) I only attend parties when I’m invited and if this song is played. I love you RiRi for this song! Mad tunes, and a really upbeat, danceable tempo!!

Shine a light through an open door
Love and life I will divide
Turn away cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

P.S. The MV reminds me of Requiem for A Dream starring Jared Leto. Google and download that film!

Free Fall

I know my blog is really turning into some self-help shit, but I really bid you to read on. I didn’t graduate from the Ateneo, but for all the wrong reasons, I know the pride of a fresh graduate – you feel like you know it all, you can feel the power of your education and you feel that you deserve a good position. But you know what they say, start in the bottom and work your way up, or start on the top and face a fast-paced, free fall. 


What Ateneans Do Wrong After Graduating [which apparently applies to almost everyone]

I was having dinner with my boss and her husband (all three of us Ateneans) when we talked about the difference with how Gloria and Noynoy sees life. Gloria being the realistic one and Noynoy being the usual, ideal Atenean. Then her husband started narrating about how only few Ateneans become successful in life at the age of 40, with his roster of friends as a perfect example. People at the age of 40 who still don’t own a car and cannot even settle down for once. Or worst, they just realized the right thing to do to become successful but it was too late already. And here are the things we talked about over dinner, and his advice to fresh graduate Ateneans like me. And this made sense, I am telling you. THIS WILL BE MY DIRECTION IN LIFE. Continue reading

Blow the Red Whistle

Posting this on a Sunday, hoping that at least one Catholic priest would see this as another reason why we need RH Bill in the Philippines. And I hope that one priest would share to other blind leaders.

Be informed. Be positive.

P.S. On this note, I bid these blind leaders to read the Allegory of the Cave by Plato. No need to thank me, [insert expletives].

Shit girls say to gay guys —

Died laughing watching this at the office the other day. Say FIERCE! LOL!

Early Weekly Wrap-up

So I feel like wrapping up earlier than Sunday (usual it’s-a-wrap day). It’s also a bit weird, I don’t have photos, which I also usually do with these kind of things. I’ll bullet things for a wee bit of coherence (which I am totally not making any right now :P)

  • This week marked the beginning of my new job. I’m really blessed to find a job even after resigning a couple of times. I’ve been telling this to myself – this time, Imma make sure I stay. I need to value the importance of having a job that I honestly enjoy these days.
  • In contrast to last week, I haven’t watched a single movie this week. Though tonight I promised myself I’d watch one – Shame (2011), and read to my sleep.

  • I’d love to go back to Cebu, but while others are getting ready for Sinulog, I’m snuggling up in bed in this cold Bulacan weather, nothing beats…
  • …and perhaps I’ll watch The Big Bang Theory! Yay, new episode!!! Watch this first though —

  • OW! Grey’s Anatomy too! I’m kinda ashamed now that I’m broadcasting to the whole world that there’s a part of my life glued to these series… BUT THEY’RE GODDAMN GOOD, I WON’T STOP.

  • I’m planning to buy my own domain name next week… FINALLY.
  • Southeast Asia is really my thing now, but just as when I’ve gone blog hopping to research – Tricia blogged about Fukuoka, Lori blogged about Hatsu Hana Tei, that was linked to A WHOLE LOT OF TOKYO TRIPS, and I want to watch the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie. All of a sudden, it’s all about Japan. Don’t even get me started about Japan! I’m confused now…

  • Anyhow, I found a new blog. He’s pretty popular already, but I just knew of his blog just now. Erwan’s blog relived my first love, and the almost exclusive purpose of this blog – FOOD. And that he hosts a cooking show in his blog – I ENVY!
  • There’s this really interesting hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Matimtiman street near  Maginhawa street. V-Mar Kitchenette serves good food for value and we’ve been here twice already this week. Maybe I’ll feature it one of these days. Try their Crispy Kare-Kare and try to snag a foursquare mayorship from me #geek :P

So much for oversharing! Thanks for always dropping by, and I hope you don’t mind my blurbs every now and then. Yes I know there’s Twitter for that. But what the heck. There’d be events to blog about soon ’cause I can feel ’em pouring down later this month and before we know it, it’s February already!!! INTENSE!

I’ll leave you to this song which I am awfully LSS-ed to —

Happy Sinulog/ordinary weekend, everyone!

Let’s enjoy some S&M, shall we?

High Fashion Sneakers?

Hermes x Vans? Wrooooooooong! Guess again —


Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics any time of the day

This isn’t for sale, just to be clear about it. Yes, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi just wants to break our hearts for making these. He painted several Vans slip-ons with his favorite Hermes scarves, and these are just some of my favorites. Look at all his painted shoes here. Gawd, he’s sucha trendsetter.

Can I still learn how to draw?

I am seriously depressed that I can’t even draw a proper stick man/woman/gay/lesbian/bisexual.