Dirty dancin’ in the moonlight (and a lot like a monologue)

No, this isn’t about Jessie J’s Domino. It’s just on repeat ’cause it’s LSS of the week :P

*I planned on putting the music video here, but I just did a few days back, so just scroll down, hehe*

So Pat was just here at the office, coming straight from her new job, and we pseudo-celebrated her employment to a job she really likes. I’d really like us to drink, but I’m still sick (and because I drank last night, too. Sucha brat.) So instead we hit Crazy Katsu for a quick dinner. I missssssssssssss Patricia (lol, buo) and I kinda made kwento of my pseudo-budding relationship. Okay, let’s not call it that. Baka mausog.

AnywayI would’ve loved and could’ve taken pictures of tonight’s dinner, but alas, I hate myself for not bringing my camera. I almost brought it today just because I feel I wanna take pictures… of anything. But my back really hurt from bringing a lot of stuff yesterday, hence the sloth in me whispered: Do not bring the ginormous thang. Bleh. Why do I have to listen, no?

So maybe really what I need is a smaller camera that can take intensely beautiful pictures. Or a photographer!!! Photos of last night’s Kung Hei Partey was just posted, and I love the photos. Yes, I’m just so tamad to take photos now. Duh, di ba halata, lols. Look at previous posts. And look below!!!

Fayatola ko inferrr. With Ade, David, Thysz, Mishie, and Ros. Charls in the background… or was he photobombing? 

Been a while since I had my picture taken with other people in an event. It really felt good to just dance in the moonlight (sige na, para coherent sa pamagat :P) and not worry about pictures, haha. So not a blogger statement, eh? No, really, I enjoyed last night’s thingamajig because I just had fun – eat, drink, and be merry. It didn’t matter if I didn’t take pictures, ’cause there are people who did! Yay, haha.

I sound a bad blogger right now. HAHA! Maybe I just miss having pictures of me with people, that is. Maybe Instagram can help. Oh iPad, how much longer will you make me wait?

The almost empty wallet answers, “Til you learn how to stop spending!!!”

P.S. It’s the first event I’ve been to this year, and it’s just the perfect kickoff!!! Thank you Netbooster Asia!

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