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On The Loop

This is one random playlist I’ve been listening to since I got sick just this last weekend. Hey, no judgin’, okay? —

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction

You know me well enough if you know that I’m in it for the boys rather for the song/tunes/melody/shit I say when I turn these kind of songs on the loop. HAHA! The teenybopper me witnessed the birth (and demise, actually) of boy bands. I think there’s a boy band revival going on with all of these boy bands in the music scene. (No, not just KPOP. No offense.) Just look at how lovely Zayn Malik’s eyes are!!! I’m not sick all of a sudden. CHOS!

We Found Love – Rihanna

It’s no secret this is my current LSS so yeah, let’s put RiRi in this playlist… BUT WAIT! Watch this Bangkok version — this will make you laugh so hard you’d feel like your intestines coming out of your mouth! I’ll give props to my Thai sisters for sucha good rendition! RiRi would approve and be ashamed all at the same time!

Domino – Jessie J

Been hearing a lot about this song (yes, especially from my crush who frequently uses lyrics for BBM status) so I tried to give it a try. It had me dancin’ in the moonlight. Not too party, I approve! And oh, I love whoever styled Jessie J for the MV!

Stronger (What doesn’t kill you) – Kelly Clarkson

My song for all those who have bleeding ailing hearts/bodies/whatnots/or in my case, bronchitis (charot, kungwari hindi emo :P) Listen to Mama Kelly – What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Srsly, I love Kelly’s songs ’cause they don’t just apply to love (contrary to what others think.) I’m beginning to think that Kelly Clarkson is the rockstar version of Oprah.

Mr. Know It All – Kelly Clarkson

Alright, I know it’s kinda baduy to put the same artist in one playlist. But I just can’t help to include this song. Just so because I have someone to sing this to. NOT. BITTER. PERIOD. CHOS, HAHA!

Last Friday Night – Katy Perry

Because Friday is the last day my lungs were doing its function and not the antithesis of it, and Katy Perry was here and was so landi in her concert yesterday!!!

Glad You Came – The Wanted

Hahaha, need I explain myself? I think this is One Direction after some seven years. Though, seriously I like the beat of the song. Very coherent to what seems to be the feel of this playlist. Hey, this is a random playlist – no judging! :P

Rumor has it – Adele

My favorite Adele song so far, after Rolling in the Deep and Turning Tables. Amazing tunes, really. I really envy that we are almost just the same age and there she goes making waves already. 22 is not young, but not old yet, I always tell myself. You stand as an inspiration, Adele. Though seriously, stop smoking.

What The Water Gave Me – Florence + The Machine

This is my favorite from their Ceremonials album. I always feel spiritual whenever I hear Florence Welch sing. I know this sounds kinda cliche, but their songs really speak to the soul. It soothes a certain wound in the heart, if you know what I mean. I definitely would kill for a VIP seat if Florence + The Machine comes here and have a concert!

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay

Coldplay is on every playlist I’ve played for the past three months already. I love love love Coldplay and am really brokenhearted to find out they’re not going here for their concert tour. Anyway, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall is my favorite from their latest album, Mylo Xyloto (which I used to type as Xylo Myloto, so awkwaaaard) I’m no music expert and I can’t describe what I start to feel whenever I hear Coldplay playing (on the player, that is.) But all I know is that I feel happy and free when I listen to them.

And again, from the top.


For those following me on Twitter you might have known this already. I hate being sick, especially if it has something to do with my lungs. I’m almost bedridden for the last couple of days, and I really loathe not being able to do anything (I can’t even sleep because I can’t breathe) for the whole day. Spent the weekend coughing, sniffing, running to bathroom to spit phlegm (alright, TMI, I know) and I think I downed around ten pills just for the weekend, and my mouth really taste so bitter now. I could really use a trusty serving of Jasmine Aloe Vera now.

Whew, what a rant. Actually, I’m feeling a bit better now but I still can’t go out of the house. So I guess, I’ll just keep listening to these party upbeat songs til I can go out and see friends again.

Oh, bummer. This on repeat or I’ll just watch Gossip Girl S05E11 a lil’ later. No judging.

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!!

吉慶有餘 | Jiqing youyu | May your happiness be without limit