Daily Inspiration: Personal Blogs

Late at midnight, I found myself coughing and having a hoarse feel down my throat. I can’t remember what I drank or ate, or what I did to have caused this. All I knew was that I have work in x hours, and I can’t be sick like this. *cough, sniff* So much for inspiration, haha. It is really quite odd I’m blogging about inspirations in between chills and aching muscles.

However, random inspirations are my daily vitamins. I don’t know where to find them, but they just pop anywhere – from a random quirky shop downtown, a little act of kindness, a playful, witty tweet, an eye-ergonomic blog layout, an ambitious shortlist of places to be at… and the list can just go on and on. It can be even the cool breeze that frequents Manila atmosphere lately (not now though; with aching muscles, I can’t possible approve of it.) Lately, I’ve been reading blogs and people behind these blogs who share their experiences are really becoming a sustainable source of inspiration.

I’ve been allotting good hours in the morning to check my Google Reader and every once in a while, a photo or a blurb can really brighten my day. No I ain’t stalking, ’cause I do that in midnights *snicker* (There, I’ve said it. LOL) Alright, I digress. Inasmuch I am really envious for those people living the life, people who really are uber-productive and self-dependent, I am also very challenged to step up my game and run the race. A good, healthy type of envy, if you may.

A little disclaimer though, not all personal blogs are inspiring. I was once a rant whore and I used to spread a plaguing depression on my readers. So I really give it up for inspiring personal bloggers for controlling their emotions. No matter how they want to bitch about something, they’d always settle for a politically correct way to tell it to their readers. And that’s a good point for creativity as well! How well one conceals emotions but just as well present the situation sufficiently requires a writer, or blogger for that matter, to be creative about how to relate this.

Current Blog I’m Lovin’: My former boss from PdP, Gail Go’s Life in Post-its! Catch some biz tips, sweet and fluffy graphic design, productivity shit, and look through the vantage point of an expat —

And don’t you love her blog’s idea?

4 responses to “Daily Inspiration: Personal Blogs

  1. Sofie Salvador-Morabe

    Nice blog :) I also search personal blogs like the multiply days, when it’s not yet a market.

  2. Hi friends, this blog is very nice, can you teach me how to build a blog?

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