Daily Archives: January 16, 2012

Free Fall

I know my blog is really turning into some self-help shit, but I really bid you to read on. I didn’t graduate from the Ateneo, but for all the wrong reasons, I know the pride of a fresh graduate – you feel like you know it all, you can feel the power of your education and you feel that you deserve a good position. But you know what they say, start in the bottom and work your way up, or start on the top and face a fast-paced, free fall. 


What Ateneans Do Wrong After Graduating [which apparently applies to almost everyone]

I was having dinner with my boss and her husband (all three of us Ateneans) when we talked about the difference with how Gloria and Noynoy sees life. Gloria being the realistic one and Noynoy being the usual, ideal Atenean. Then her husband started narrating about how only few Ateneans become successful in life at the age of 40, with his roster of friends as a perfect example. People at the age of 40 who still don’t own a car and cannot even settle down for once. Or worst, they just realized the right thing to do to become successful but it was too late already. And here are the things we talked about over dinner, and his advice to fresh graduate Ateneans like me. And this made sense, I am telling you. THIS WILL BE MY DIRECTION IN LIFE. Continue reading