Yabu Katsu Craze!!!

One of my new discoveries lately is Yabu: House of Katsu in the Megamall Atrium. It’s this new Katsu place in Manila but what separates this not another Japanese joint is that 1) they specialize in Katsu, 2) it’s unbelievably SOFT and TENDER Katsu, and 3) it’s authentic yet affordable.

DSC_0902Lotsa sake. But we didn’t drink any. Will definitely try when I get back.

DSC_0903Potato salad and Wakame salad. We were served a couple of appetizers. The potato salad in Japanese mayo has that soft starchy taste in perfect medley with the tangy Japanese mayo. The Wakame (seaweed) salad is addicting. I can’t explain its taste but it’s savory.

DSC_0904Steamed Japanese string beans and Silken Tofu. Not their real menu names, I somehow deleted my note in my BB with the list of what I ate. But what I do remember is that the silken tofu is so soft in the tongue, unlike the common tofu we have in the local market.

DSC_0905Sesame sauce. This part of the dining experience is my second favorite (next to diving my teeth into the tender Kurobota tonkatsu!) They let us do our own sauce which starts with grinding the sesame seeds in a bowl. After grinding we pour the sweet sauce (which I didn’t have a photo of.) I love smelling the sesame seeds while grinding it.



DSC_0910And the main show — I ordered the Kurobota Tonkatsu or the Premium Meat Set. The set comes with the tonkatsu, a generous helping of salad with sesame sauce (which you can ask for more), a bowl of rice, miso soup and fruits. They claim you can slice the meat using your chopsticks – and yes, it’s true!



One thing I love most about this place is how they do the meat. I settled for non less than Kurobota – the meat is darker, fattier and more tender, and for me, JUST FOR ME, it’s better without the sauce. Toff, who’s my seatmate that night, even called me  a meat purist – which is partly true. There are certain dishes that I love with a sauce, and there are those I don’t want any. Just meat and my teeth into it.

DSC_0913With Jim, Cacai, Miko, Kaye, and Toff


Thanks to Yabu Manager, Mr. Mon for accommodating us

DSC_0918We were served a dessert called Lava a la Mode. Not really my favorite, but it was okay. I was in Katsu hangover when I started digging this. Haha!

DSC_0920Cacai, Jim, Moi, Pao, Kaye, Miko, Yabu brand manager, Verge, Lawryeng, and Toff


DSC_0923Stereotyped tee, Adidas Ateneo jacket, F&H distressed denims, Punchdrunk Panda Negatives plimsolls.

Was really tamad to dress up, but I think this one worked out just as fine. It was a blue day, I guess. But my tummy ain’t blue :P

Yabu: House of Katsu
Megamall Atrium 2/F
(02) 576 3900
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