Stop Bullying in 2012

I found this is a video by Davey Wavey of him and who I presume his partner making balloons and writing names of “the fallen” on them. Apparently, he meant fallen by those kids who committed suicide because of bullying. I can never say I never bullied in my life, but I know how it is to be bullied. Sure, bullying makes you feel a lil bit better but you don’t know when the bullied begins to snap and do terrifying things like suicide.

So this 2012, as we strive for gender equality (I think I made it pretty loud and clear that I am FOR gender equality in this blog) let’s also advocate against bullying. ‘Cause it kills. Bullying kills.

I have more things to say about bullying but I’ll let the video permeate through your heart. I love Davey Wavey for doing this!

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