Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

It takes 1000 compliments to erase an insult

I’ve been following Davey Wavey but I guess I stopped watching his videos somewhere in the middle. However, last night I found myself marathoning some of his posts, especially those on his Best of 2011 list. I love how he is so real and how he relentlessly shares his life to “the community that he moderates.” I love it that he openly talks about topics not just anybody has the gall to blabber on the internet. He’s fearless, he’s smart, he’s so funny, and most especially, he lives in New York City now (which qualifies him for the NYC group in my Google Reader #geek) I’ll stop fanboying here and you go have fun in his blog :)

But before that, before I forget, watch the video above and see how he tried to make people around him feel good. After watching this video, I was inspired me to do something of the same kind. I don’t know what exactly for now, but he really sparked something in me. Way to go, Dave. Keep doin’ what you doin’!

P.S. Doesn’t he look like Cory Monteith?! LIKE SUPER LOOK ALIKE!

Stop Bullying in 2012

I found this is a video by Davey Wavey of him and who I presume his partner making balloons and writing names of “the fallen” on them. Apparently, he meant fallen by those kids who committed suicide because of bullying. I can never say I never bullied in my life, but I know how it is to be bullied. Sure, bullying makes you feel a lil bit better but you don’t know when the bullied begins to snap and do terrifying things like suicide.

So this 2012, as we strive for gender equality (I think I made it pretty loud and clear that I am FOR gender equality in this blog) let’s also advocate against bullying. ‘Cause it kills. Bullying kills.

I have more things to say about bullying but I’ll let the video permeate through your heart. I love Davey Wavey for doing this!