It ain’t the end of the world: A New Year’s welcome

I’m rather surprised nobody played 2012 (by Jay Sean feat. Nicki Minaj) on the first day of the supposedly end of this twisted world. How many times did mankind try to end it though?

I was playing Pokemon White Version when 2012 almost struck. Now you know why I haven’t posted something new yet. Haha! Anyway, I had a little time to save my game, plug the charger, get my camera, and join the noise fest that is family. The last time I played on New Year’s Eve was… I can’t remember. I guess that’s how this year is striking me… Starting anew (as always and as cliche it may get) ’cause it ain’t the end of the world.

Maybe you’re tired of my existential ramblings about special occasions that spin the world upside down. But hey, hear me out. It’s the year 2012. New year, new chances. Maybe new mistakes, but definitely new lessons. You may be starting again (like me) or continuing a good one, but we’ll always encounter new adventures ahead of us. Some of us may be spending this day away from home. Some wanted to. Some don’t. Some can’t even imagine it.

New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday. I always see it as a gleaming light at the end of the long tunnel that is the past year. My years always end dark (that is, for the past few ones) and I don’t mind it because the coming year is always full of hope and promise. Even if it’s 2012, it ain’t the end of the world, because it’s my New Year and no one’s gonna stop me from celebrating the goodness it bears. I’m selfish with that :P

No this isn’t an obligatory New Year’s post. And no this isn’t an obligatory pep talk on life in 2012. I just want to celebrate and share how happy I am despite all these struggles (that I wish I can share right now, but it still isn’t the right time.) In time, every struggle will reveal its own reasons. In time.

So there, I think it’s a bit preachy but it’s what’s in my head right now. Life on earth will never be the happiest, thanks to the people who became a part of my 2011. I hope you still join me in my 2012. As for the people I am yet to meet, I am so excited to know you all. And for the opportunities that will come knocking on my door, even before you do, my door will always be open.

Thank you 2011. And here we go, 2012!

P.S. I’m so full! So excuse me as I finish my Pokemon game :P

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2 responses to “It ain’t the end of the world: A New Year’s welcome

  1. EXACTLY! Happy new year, Jonver!!

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